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Lawless America and William Windsor Here is my List of Subjects I Hope to Cover with You In the Documentary.

 I will probably make summary's on the following subjects for your advanced preparation; of course I have all the documentation you would require to verify my position. 
1 my personal experiences with the Santa Barbara criminal courts, mental health and civil court.  
2 on the fraud with Santa Barbara County's employees pension 
(SBCERS) and the missing performance of at least two billion dollars. All verified by documents from the ca. state controller's office , this county and the bond market on wall street.
3 the use of "Ruse Affidavits" by the Santa Maria police department with the permission of the S.B. County D.A.'s office.
4 the attempt by the City of Santa Barbara to obtain a civil gang injunction the numbers do not warrant any such need.
5 the shooting death of Santa Maria police officer Albert Covarrubias by his fellow officer. The D.a.'s report to clear the shooting creates more questions than it answers.
6 The framing of 14 year old Ricardo Juarez for murder by Santa Barbara law enforcement and the D.A.'s office.
7 the election fraud being performed by many Superior Court Judges through out California when they fail to turn in their nomination papers as per the constitution of California. It appears that after some Judges have been appointed to the bench by the Governor some defy state law and wait an additional two years before turning in their nomination papers.  I was able to verify this injustice by reviewing select years and the persons assigned to the  bench by the Governor. Than I reviewed when each new member to the bench would submit his nomination papers, when one did the whole class should have. This posting on my blog has been gaining popularity this year.

Testimony of Lawrence A. Mendoza

My name is Lawrence Mendoza, and for the last two years I have been dealing with a work related injury living in Santa BarbaraCalifornia.  I am a victim of judicial corruption, law enforcement stalking and corruption as well as legal corruption stemming from events that took place starting in late 2005 and all of 2006. As many of you might guess I am not the most popular person in Santa Barbara, some people have taken a dim view of my blog and my efforts to share my experiences through it ( ).

My blog came about because of serious malicious criminal charges that had been filed against me; including 7 strike-able offenses during 2006. At one point in time my public defender was sending me correspondence in jail stating she felt I would eventually be convicted of two life sentences. Also at the same time I was going through a very unnecessarily ugly divorce that still lacks the legal requirements needed to be accepted and finalized by a Superior Court Judge. To make matters worse these known illegal actions against me in criminal court, had an equally debilitating effect on my efforts to protect myself in family court.

 I can provide all the documentation needed to verify every single issue I am about to address starting with November of 2005. But as Lawless America understands even with the laws written and proper documentation, corruption in our law enforcement and judicial system is preventing many a chance at justice. Based on my lack of success in clearing my name and resolving some lingering issues I like many across America need an outlet such as Lawless America and William Windsor if we are to retain any hope, while forming a united front and demanding change.

I can only think of two reasons for what I went through and am now about to share with you;
1-     To discredit me and all my allegations against the Santa Barbara police department, District Attorneys office, Mental Health and both the Criminal and Civil Courts including their Judicial officers
2-     To teach me such a horrific lesson through fear that I drop all my future efforts and investigations into why I was followed from Morgan Hill in October of 2005 by the SBPD and everything that followed.

Six years have now passed and I still do not have an answer for everyone’s number one question, why did they do all of this to me.

Here is a partial list of what I was forced to endure from November 05 through September 06 by Santa Barbara law enforcement. To date I have been unable to get any local agency to investigate any of my allegations no matter how well documented by me.

November 2005
I was illegally held for 14 days against my will in the Santa Barbara mental health facility, placed their by the Santa Barbara police department. While there a syringe full of drugs was administered to me, with several beatings to follow. I was then rushed to the hospital by ambulance for a CAT scan, with no official hospital records showing any such thing ever happen. However I do possess invoices paid by my medical insurance for both the ambulance and CAT scan. To date no agency in Santa Barbara has been wiling to investigate.

January 2006- September of 2006
Starting in January of 2006 until September of the same year I was arrested 5 separate times and charged with 7 felony strike-able charges. In one case I was forced to accept a three year suspended felony prison sentence for what was only a misdemeanor charge. I was also served divorce papers that January and the divorce lawyer used the criminal court abuse to his advantage through out the divorce process. In February of 06 I was arrested at gun point when I complained that law enforcement was actually robbing my hotel room of my assets. .

Another time I was held in jail for almost three months on an alleged violation of a protection order that was never allowed by the presiding Judge. The criminal minutes, felony minutes and other court documents all prove this; however the transcripts had been altered. Now my private attorney was witness to the Judges denial of any such protection order, however I had fired him and he never came to my defense. This made it the second time in less than six months that I was being illegally held against my will; only this time the opposing divorce attorney had a mission. On behalf of my then wife he filed a motion against me telling the court I had not completed my preliminary declaration and that I was none responsive. The motion was granted sanctions were allowed and recorded all without the Judge every being notified I was incarcerated during the whole process, this constitutes fraud by my ex spouse

Now please keep in mind that my own private attorney at the cost of ten thousand dollars was doing absolutely nothing to correct these injustices that I was being exposed to. For example my wife had signed under penalty of perjury that I had threatened her life, even though the 911 transcripts clearly prove that no such threat had ever been made by me. I also had requested my wife’s tax returns from the outset and my own attorney assured me I had no right to them, a huge falsehood. Her pay stubs had been altered and other times she submitted documentation printed from a computer screen rather than supply the correct physical copies of her pay stubs.

The divorce was closed with out me ever obtaining her tax returns, without me ever providing my preliminary disclosure; this alone prevents a divorce from being finalized. Than add the fact that we both did not provide a final disclosure and or waiver so once again the divorce could not come to a conclusion. To make matters worse during this whole time frame no matter how much I informed my ex spouse what was wrong she was being reassured by her attorney that nothing was wrong and not to worry. She was actually so uneducated with the divorce process she still thinks I have no recourse.

Now William this is just a general over view so that you may start preparing for our future meeting and interview.


Larry Mendoza
7465 Hollister Ave Space 327
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