Monday, August 2, 2010

Pension Fraud, Wall Street Corruption, California Governor Schwarzenegger a limited partner with Goldman Sachs Funds!

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a limited partner with (Goldman Sachs corruption and Fraud)

Date: 2010-08-02, 4:22PM PDT

How Stuck on Stupid are we?
If you recall I shared this quote in my last posting from a story in the Santa Barbara Independent regarding the state of affairs with county budget and pension fund issues.

Thursday, June 17, 2010
By Chris Meagher

“I’d like all of you to leave this hearing with three words,” Gray said, actually using four words to initially describe her cryptic message. “Bus, bridge, and Ponzi scheme.”

The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisor Mrs. Gray was referring to the accounting and performance by our elected officials here in Bell North Ca. in regards to the SBCERS Pension fund and a Ponzi scheme. Well after a very long and frustrating non stop weekend of review of about 400 pages of SBCERS Pension fund documents I realized something. I just needed to take a break and so I decided to follow my intuition and do some research on line. Now let me tell you all, THE GODS ARE SMILING ON MAGIC TODAY! You see by chance this weekend I reviewed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s schedule c that is on file @

and it turns out he is a limited partner in several funds of Goldman Sachs!

SCHEDULE C - Form 700, 01101109 - 12/31109

Income & Business Positions

(Income Other than Loans, Gifts, and Travel Payments)

Name of Source

Acacia Partners, L.P.

Apollo Investment Fund IV

Dawntreader Fund II., L.P

Morgan Stanley Capital Partners IV L.P

Dimensional Fund Advisors, Inc.

Goldman Sachs Private Equity Partners 1II, L..P

Whitehall Street Real Estate Fund XllI, L.P

Goldman Sachs Capitol Partners 2000 L.P. Fair Value “ over 1 million Nature of Investment Limited Partner.

Goldman Sachs Private Equity Partner III Limited Partner up to 1 Million

Here we are all concerned about our Santa Barbara County Government and the actions or lack of taken by our elected officials. Than we hear all about what is being exposed in Bell Ca. by there elected officials. Yet when you stop and review the actions at a higher State level is it any wonder our local government is in the mess we are? When a California Governor can destroy the fifth largest economy in the world and than threaten to holding us hostage to his ethic’s enough is enough.

In the past I have produced on by blog @ documents and facts that showed our Government was aware of Enron and trouble to come. They even went so far as to have them on an F.B.I. watch at least 1 full year before there Wall Street melt down. Than later in another posting after a simple 20 minute review of recently filed S.E.C. documents in regards to KPMG, what did I announce to all of you? Exactly where the loop hole would still exist in the Wall Street Finance reform Bill. It lacked common sense and did nothing to protect us because of the off shore loop hole, review it for yourself. But nothing could have prepared me for what I just shared with you all today.

Recent headlines read;

California Budget: Schwarzenegger Could Leave Office Without Resolution

"If I don't get all of the things that we need in order to be fiscally responsible”
“Schwarzenegger threatens to leave office with out a budget”

Schwarzenegger has said the Legislature must curtail public pensions and change California's taxation and budgeting systems before he will sign the next budget, his last as governor. He leaves office in January.

"If I do not get all of the things that we need … I will not sign a budget, and it could actually drag out until the next governor gets into office,"

Now here is a man who sticks by his principals regardless of cost to those who have elected him. He calls for pension fund reform with one hand ad counts his riches with the other.


He than goes to bat for the State and request bail out money to help our economy, please read from the headlines below.

Governor Schwarzenegger Begs White House for Bail Out Money!

The beleaguered State asked the White House for TARP FUNDS, the request was denied.

Well he should have had his limited partners go to bat for us here in California. He wants us here in California to work for below California minimum wage, yet pays his partners millions in bonus with TARP bail out money