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Santa Barbara Police Chief Sanchez will hold a "MEDIA ONLY" press conference. To discuss the use of force as captured by the patrol car's video camera, in the Oct. 21, 2011 arrest of Mr. Tony Denunzio, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! SBPD
“November 30th, 2011. Now that the District Attorney has reached a decision regarding the filing of charges in the Oct. 21, 2011 arrest of Mr. Tony Denunzio, Police Chief Sanchez will hold a press conference on Dec. 2, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. to discuss the use of force as captured by the patrol car's video camera, and to show the video.
This press conference will be for media credentialed personnel only and will be held in the Murphy Room of the Santa Barbara Police Department, 215 E. Figueroa St., Santa Barbara, CA.”

Let me get this straight first the police say there will be an internal investigation to determine if ‘Excessive force was used during the arrest of Mr. Demunzio.. Than Santa Barbara Police chief Cam Sanchez claims after his review of the video showing the arrest no such investigation was needed. And Now the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office  agrees with police chief Cam Sanchez. All I want to know is why if the D.A.’s office has had witnesses say ‘excessive force “was used will there be no further investigation?  I am not alone please read the comments I found tonight on the Internet that followed the Santa Barbara Police story above.( They can be found at the end of this posting)

DA Won’t File Excessive Force, Resisting Arrest Charges in Denunzio DUI Case

The Office Cites Differing Accounts of 13 Witnesses
“The District Attorney’s Office will not file excessive force or resisting arrest charges related to the incident between Santa Barbara Police Officer Aaron Tudor and DUI suspect Tony Denunzio in the Loreto Plaza parking lot on October 21. While some witnesses said Tudor used excessive force in apprehending Denunzio, Chief Cam Sanchez came out in support of Tudor’s actions, explaining he believes appropriate actions were taken, and that sometimes police work isn’t pretty.”

Dear Elected City Officials;

 We public are in TOTAL DISAGREEMENT with your current actions regarding the Denunzio matter. Am I to believe the media’s representation of your performance at tomorrow press conference, when they fail to inform us the public in so many other matters? Like ex-Detective Brian Sawicki Third Double-Homicide Trial against Corey Lyons Embezzlement Amount by Karen Flores and what really happen in the Peter lance DUI ? At the end of this posting I have included some additional public comments found on the internet that followed the press release concerning tomorrow’s press conference.

1-     Trial For Ex-Detective Brian Sawicki
updated: Nov 03, 2011, 5:39 PM  By Edhat Subscriber
“I was wondering when the trial for ex-Detective Brian Sawicki was going to finally take place. I know it had gotten postponed this summer, but I thought it was supposed to start on Oct 25 in Santa Maria. I mean the whole thing happened back in 2009!’
 1-I went to the Santa Barbara Superior Court calendaring website ( @ ). I was unable to input Mr. Sawicki’s information and get his next court appointment why is that?

2- Third Double-Homicide Trial against Corey Lyons Expected to End in December

“Sister Colleen Lyons Zitelli testifies about a phone call she received from the suspect on the day of the shootings

According to the records I found, Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons both had holographic Wills. That means they are hand written, one in 1991 and the other in 1995 with no witness's required.  I only mention this because I bet you all are unaware that the sister Colleen is now in possession her deceased brother’s home. In fact the transfer of this property came right about the same time she switched her testimony in the second trial. Also even though the transfer was dated March 29th 2011 it was not recorded until after her damaging testimony in the then second trial on May 3rd 2011. Am I to believe that a property not yet owned by either, Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons would be covered in a hand written will 15 years earlier? One might think Corey Lyons defense attorney might want to know about this. And as I had mention during the second trial there once again is no media coverage for the current trial either. I have included an attachment of the above mentioned transfer document if you received this posting via email from me. Or here is a link to that document!

3 -District Attorney's Office Investigating Embezzlement Amount by Karen Flores

Posted: Oct 28, 2011 5:20 PM PDT Updated: Oct 28, 2011 5:20 PM PDT
SANTA BARBARA - The Santa Barbara County District Attorney's office is asking a judge to continue hearings in the case of Karen Flores to mid-January of 2012.

You mean to tell me that after a yearlong investigation prior to Karen Flores arrest and 3 months after the Santa Barbara Police department and District Attorney’s office still are unaware of how much PUBLIC FUNDS  has been STOLEN, REALLY?!

4- Lance case dismissed: Judge Brian Hill rules traffic stop ran afoul of the US Constitution

This case is such an embarrassment to the Santa Barbara Police, District Attorney’s Office and Superior Court Judge Brian Hill I do not even know where to begin. That is not to say I have not been working on a posting to do so.

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 COMMENT 236966
2011-11-30 05:45 PM
Will someone from Edhat with press credentials go?

 COMMENT 236984
2011-11-30 06:41 PM
@966 is this your first login?

 COMMENT 237012P
2011-11-30 08:30 PM
I hope you are right.

 COMMENT 237014P
2011-11-30 08:43 PM
I hope they have a handout dvd with the video and copies of the 911 calls and the officers transmissions with dispatch so the local press can have all the info.

 COMMENT 237046P
2011-12-01 06:22 AM
237014P: They won't release the video since they're not filing charges, and the DA won't try a case against Tudor. We have corrupt cops because we have no oversight. The DA never tries cases involving police misconduct - crooked cops filing reports that are entirely perjury is a good way to convict innocent people.

 COMMENT 237048
2011-12-01 06:24 AM
until the PUBLIC is shown all of the videos from this incident, i will continue to believe the accounts of the witnesses who had no reason to lie.
on another subject, it looks like the police force was out in large numbers on EdHat yesterday supporting the thin blue line.
maybe we need to do an audit and see how many of these postings came from police computers when those officers were supposed to be serving us (not beating us up)

 COMMENT 237065
2011-12-01 07:06 AM
048...lead the way with the audit, see if you can prove the police fill their work day with visits to the blogs to see what edhatters think about them.
could you tell us about when you were beaten up by the police?

 COMMENT 237048
2011-12-01 07:10 AM
065 - get back out on patrol. there are scores of citizens out there for you to beat. we aren't paying you to be on Edhat.

 COMMENT 237071
2011-12-01 07:16 AM
237048 Now that was funny. Thanks.

 COMMENT 237065
2011-12-01 08:20 AM
048..please. tell us about your claimed police beating.
myself, i doubt you have ever had a physical confrontation, but thats ok. the police will answer your 911 calls, making sure you maintain the ability to be a keyboard funnyman/warrior.
keep us apprised of your audit. i feel sure you mean it and are not talking just to hear yourself speak.

 COMMENT 237177
2011-12-01 10:47 AM
Concerned people can do at least two things:
1. Require all police vehicles to be equipped with dash cams which cannot be disabled by the officers 2. Create a police commission that has real oversight responsibility as contrasted to the present show committee that does as the department and officers ask, mostly about getting more pensions and salaries
These steps have been available for decades and have been resisted by the police and their beholden politicians.

S.B.C.C.C. The place where COMMON SENSE never goes out of style!

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