Saturday, December 10, 2011

This is the second time that the City of Santa Barbara has hired the Sintra Group of Ventura to investigate law enforcement ( Cam Sanchez/Officer Tudor )in Santa Barbara.

 Mr. Lance do not hold your breath Sintra is where the City sends investigations to die.This is the second time that the City of Santa Barbara has hired the Sintra Group of Ventura to investigate law enforcement in Santa Barbara. The first time was nearly 3 years ago with the Wayne Scoles indecent. However we still have the same problem, will city administrator Jim Armstrong release the findings to us the public?To date I cannot find where the findings from the Cam Sanchez investigation caused by the Wayne scoles arrest have ever been made public. Even though public funds were used to obtain the investigation. I have requested via email the report from Jim Armstrong but he has never shown me the common courtesy of a reply. Mr. Armstrong may be reached @

The Sanchez and Lance Show

Police Chief Called Out by Freelance Reporter

Thursday, December 8, 2011

 When Mayor Helene Schneider suggested that Police Chief Cam Sanchez (right) begin showing up at council meetings to answer questions swirling about the department, Peter Lance (left) took the opportunity to demand if and when Sanchez or City Hall would ever investigate his charge that he’d been framed by a “rogue cop” for driving under the influence.

 City Attorney Steve Wiley announced that Sintra Group investigators had already looked into the matter and that a report will be issued to the council soon. While the meeting featured frequent verbal collisions between Lance and the mayor, Schneider and Sanchez both said it went well. Sanchez’s next council appearance, Schneider said, should take place next month

Here is the first time that the City called on the investigative services of the Ventura based Sintra Group.
City Hires Ventura Investigators for Scoles Case

Mesa Resident Claims Police Chief Improperly Detained Him
Thursday, April 30, 2009
By Nick Welsh (Contact)
"Santa Barbara City Administrator Jim Armstrong has hired a Ventura-based private investigation firm to look into allegations that Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez violated the civil rights of Mesa resident Wayne Scoles, whom the chief had arrested after a verbal altercation on the Mesa last June."

S.B.C.C.C. The place where COMMON SENSE never goes out of style!

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