Friday, August 17, 2012

Gang Injunction Further Moth-Balled Judge Takes Trial Date off Calendar, Do the Crime Stats Justify the need for the Injunction?

When you read numbers given out about "Gang Issues/Crime” here in 
Santa Barbara more often than not a high percentage number is used rather than factual numbers. For example in last years 14 page District Attorney's budget flyer (attached to this email) it immediately starts out on pg 3 under "highlights key trends", with the statistic that Gang crime is up by1422% over the last ten years. In order to get some type of perspective on the raise in "Gang Crime" I looked at the right hand side of Page 3 and saw that the S.B.D.A.'s office handled a total of 14,633 felony cases in 1 year. Then I went to page 5 and saw were the D.A.'s office shows only 274 cases were classified as "Gang", or in other words 0.0187 of 1% percent was "Gang related". Now lets break that down even further and ask how many of the 274 case were from the City of Santa Barbara  and what portion of those cases came from Santa Maria and Lompoc . Let’s see 1422% vs. .0187 of 1 percent, 1422% does not seem to really reflect anything does it.

Gang Injunction Further Moth-Balled

Judge Takes Trial Date off Calendar

Thursday, August 16, 2012

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