Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Santa Barbara Gang Injunction Targets Speak Out. I wonder why Operation "Gator Roll" was not included in the newly purposed Injunction?

I was just wondering why in this newly purposed Gang Injunction there was absolutely no mention of "OPERATION GATOR ROLL"? I mean after all at the time it was being portrayed as grand breaking Gang fighting techniques. I have enclosed the link to the newly purposed Gang Injunction as well as one of my blogs that houses the Gator Roll Indictment so you may compare them side by side Read someone's reply to being targeted by our police chief Cam Sanchez in this new Indictment.

Has Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez been cleared of his Allegations by City Administrator and his Boss Jim Armstrong?

City Hires Ventura Investigators for Scoles Case

Mesa Resident Claims Police Chief Improperly Detained Him

Thursday, April 30, 2009
Santa Barbara City Administrator Jim Armstrong has hired a Ventura-based private investigation firm to look into allegations that Santa Barbara Police Chief Cam Sanchez violated the civil rights of Mesa resident Wayne Scoles, whom the chief had arrested after a verbal altercation on the Mesa last June. Sanchez alleged that Scoles - a Mesa activist known for his intense passion and loud voice - had threatened the chief physically after making several racial slurs about Sanchez's ethnicity. Earlier this year, a Santa Barbara jury found Scoles not guilty on misdemeanor charges. He has since filed seven complaints with City Hall indicating his intention to sue on the grounds he was improperly detained and interrogated. Once such a complaint is filed, Armstrong explained, an internal investigation is automatic. Given that it involved the chief of police, he said, an outside entity was brought in.

Gang Injunction Targets Speak Out

Claim They Were Unfairly Named

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taped interviews recently filmed and released by Youth CineMedia – a nonprofit that works with at-risk youth by getting them off the streets and into the production room – depict individuals who say they were wrongfully named in the city’s gang injunction announced last week. The injunction seeks to limit the movement and activity of 30 men and women law enforcement feels are at the root of Santa Barbara’s gang activity.
While The Independent has not been able to verify claims made in Youth CineMedia’s taping, we nevertheless feel the footage warrants attention. Below you’ll find one of the interviews as well as a copy of the injunction itself.

Santa Barbara Gang Injunction Unfairly Targets Some-by Youth CineMedia

New Purposed Gang Injunction

In closing I have noticed that over the last 3 weeks some big interest has been shown about my concerns of election fraud by Superior Court Judges like Santa Barbara's Arthur Garcia, so I re posted one of my story's that explains my concerns..

A lack of ethics has over run our California Judicial System. Election Fraud by Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Carol Overton and Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Arthur Garcia.

I am re-posting this story since I can see a renewed interest in the Subject matter of Election fraud by our California Superior Court Judges.

  “ Prior to this week nobody thought Life in Prison was possible for the actions of politicians”,

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