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After reviewing these Santa Barbara Criminal and Civil Court Case's what jumps out at you? Mike Wilson, Peter Jeschke, Jeffery Johnson, David Abrahms, Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly

I will start this posting with a question. When Evi and Randy Quaid where last arrested for a crime, where they not also attempting to report a crime as well? Our District Attorneys office has had more than ample time to investigation the Quaids allegations that the transfer of said property in question though years earlier was indeed illegal. I only brings this up today because somebody is recording BLANK Real Estate documents at our Court House and I have examples at the bottom of this posting.
 I must admit I am confused and cannot get a handle on the math used by the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office or our Superior Court Judges. I mean 2 million dollars was spent to prosecute Michael Jackson as a child molester with no conviction. I can live with the fact he was proven innocent.  So why when we have not one but two convicted child molesters like Peter Jeschke and Jeffery Johnson they are only sentenced to 3 years out of a possible 50? Two of the victims were just ten year old, how would you feel if those children were yours?

Or take Mike Wilson a person who steals 14 million dollars from his clients and is found guilty and sentenced to serve 20 years. How is it he can have his sentence cut in half if he returns just 2 of the 14 million dollars? Is it just me or does that bother some of you?

Then there is the convicted Insurance embezzler David Abrahms who cheated numerous clients out of over 2 million dollars. For starters he was only charged with a single felony that carried special circumstances. He could have been sentenced to five years and guess what, he did not even get 5 years probation. He ended up being sentenced to 90 days in jail and 3 years probation and kept the money.

How would you feel if your child had drowned and you had to live with these efforts and results?

“The District Attorney’s Inadequate Investigation and Baseless Refusal to Prosecute

The drowning of a small child at a summer camp should have led to an immediate and thorough investigation by the Sheriff’s department. It did not. Sheriff’s Department and Coroner personnel conducted no real investigation at the time of Yoni’s death, did not preserve evidence at the scene or interview percipient witnesses. Witnesses who contacted the Coroner with evidence of prior unsafe conditions and incidents of near-drowning at Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club (COAC) were ignored. And, until pressured by the Gottesmans and their attorneys, the District Attorney’s office did nothing to obtain the most critical piece of evidence: the video of the drowning”

Than have Superior Court Trial Judge Thomas Anderle claim the Santa Barbara Jury which awarded 14 Million dollars for the drowning death of your 4 year old was incorrect. “14 million dollars in compensatory damages was excessive and said the amount must be lowered to 10 million or the case will be retried’ No sympathy to the family was ever expressed by Judge Anderle as he made several public comments. Now the same Judge in another case labeled “Terrace of Trouble” earlier last year also lowered that jury’s award of 2.2 million dollars in an elder care case. What was the jury thinking, maybe the Judges and court need to apply the law to the case being heard before them so as not to have the jury ask; “ how does the law apply to what we just spent 3 months listening to’. Because that is exactly what happen when the jury began deliberations in the Jesse James Hollywood trial.


I question all these things because they scream out as preferential treatment and I have not even brought up Josh Lynn or his campaign contributors.  Both Erik Bjorklund and Kelsey O'Reilly are currently charged as major drug dealers in our Superior Court. Life in Prison could have been a possible sentence if they had been properly charged in Federal Court like most other cases of that type..

 In closing the other day I was reviewing our county public records for Real Estate transactions and found these documents. They are 4 blank filed and recorded Real Estate transaction documents which were pulled up on my search of 05/04/09.


Really some one has an explanation for this? Who ever has done this is that sure they can get away with it? I guess like everything else I bring forward I just don’t know what to think. Two months ago I attempted to clear up some property tax issues from when I owned a home in Santa Barbara. Do you know what my reply was? 5,000 added on to my probation bill to further harass me. If you are too dumb to let go of me I will keep exposing all your weak points because I have no where else to go. Just to give you all a heads up my next posting will expose another possible Billion dollar abuse in our County.

1-San Luis Obispo County
2-Santa Barbara County
3-Los Angeles County

1-If you were a farmer which County would you think produces the highest yield per acre?






Record #2009-0024880 (includes)
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