Sunday, March 20, 2011

Los Angeles County is 8 times more productive per acre than San Luis Obispo and 2.5 times more productive than Santa Barbara, the Billion dollar question is why?

   San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles County,
 If you were a farmer which County would you think produces the highest yield per acre?
The per acre average earned was, $300.54 and $947.93 and $2532.06 match the production to There Counties.

The only reason I thought of this was the comment made in the news story below about lagging tax revenues.

Grand Jury Report Reveals Santa Barbara County’s Highest-Paid Government Officials

“The most recent Santa Barbara County Grand Jury Report on compensation spotlights the highest-paid government workers in county government, cities, school districts, special districts and colleges. With lagging tax revenues, jurisdictions all over the county have struggled to balance budgets”
Than I found this story” in 2011 Santa Barbara ranks among the top 1 percent of American counties for agricultural production, with annual sales of $1.2 billion.".Having shared that is it possible more than 1 BILLION in agricultural production is going unreported?
So naturally I wanted to compare data from other counties and was shocked to find Los Angeles County is 8 times more productive per acre than San Luis Obispo and 2.5 times more productive than Santa Barbara and I have to wonder why the HUGE discrepancies County to County? You can verify my numbers for Santa Barbara County @
Good productivity
Agriculture in San Luis Obispo County:
Average size of farms: 568 acres
Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $170,712 = 300.54 per acre average earned

Better Productivity

Agriculture in Santa Barbara County:

Average size of farms: 524 acres
Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $496,715 divided by 524. = 947.93 per acre average earned

BEST productivity

Agriculture in Los Angeles County:

Average size of farms: 72 acres
Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $182,309 divided by 72.0 = 2532.06 per acre average earned

Why is it when every I decide to compare the math behind a statements of fact it creates more concerns than it answer’s? The first question that jumps off to me is are we here in Santa Barbara county being cheated out of over 1 Billion dollars in tax revenues, from our agricultural community , if not why not? 

Supervisor Gray then addressed her Ponzi scheme comment, saying the board was moving money “here and there,” even making reference to Bernie Madoff. In case you forgot her comments where made during last years budget crisis.
Which brings me to my next subject. Why is the data for 2008 Santa Barbara County Real Estate taxes missing from the addresses at the web site I randomly checked 20 property addresses from the phone book and all where missing some type of tax revenue data for the year 2008. Supervisor Gray if I am not mistaken the SBCERS pension fund suffered huge losses during 2008. The data concerning property taxes are public records so why the effort to cloud the actual numbers. You see people when it is ll said and done property tax corruption will be my greatest discovery even greater than the California Public Pension crisis. 

I did verify that $5,996.49
paid on 01/31/2008

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I did verify that $13,519.47 Paid on 10/14/2008  



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