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Breaking news in the second Corey Lyons Murder trial and the media is not covering it.

 Inclosing I am hoping for some feedback to a reoccurring problem I face and I am just not sure what to do about it. What tends to happen is I will be working on a subject for a posting and right in the middle of my efforts another questionable act pops up that I have written about before. Than before I can deal with my first and second issue I find another and another and another issue all equally important. Here let me give you an example of what I mean.

We all know I was arrested and charged in court with a felony for what was only dispatched as a disturbing the piece call. The prosecutor that filed those charges against me was Vicki Johnson. The very same prosecutor involved in the current Corey Lyons case. Now give me a minute here to make my point. We all know I have written about many concerns with the SBCERS pension fund and the Golden Parachute retirement offer that many senior prosecutors took advantage of almost two years ago. One of the aspects of that deal was the senior prosecuting position could not be refilled for x amount of time. Well I hate to bring this up right now but Vicki Johnson was one of those prosecutors who took the two year service credit and retired. We all know how expensive this SBCERS pension fund has become. I noticed over a year ago Vicki Johnson was back working at the District Attorneys office I just chose to leave it alone.

Do you see my dilemma? Before I can finish writing about just two days events in court the Pension crisis jumps up at me. An before I can deal with that an ethics issue and abuse of public trust jumps up again from the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office and there employees. I hate to be the guy who has to tell you all again but we must hold people accountable for there actions regardless of where they are employed. Is it really my fault that I expect to hold law enforcement to that high performance standard that I see out at U.C.S.B. every day?  



Yesterday I shared with you all that no matter what my personal experiences had been with law enforcement (me having been recently released from jail). I was immediately willing to do what ever was required so that an arrest I had just witnessed could not be tainted. I also felt I had to act because I those officers had been outstanding while performing there duty. Not to pat me on the back but I really thought I had done a special thing with that posting.

Of course I was wrong because after chatting with a friend about the story he asked me if I really caught what was important about the events I had shared were? I was a little defensive and than he explained what he was talking about. He pointed out that the officer’s job performance expectations are so high and no one was hurt and the arrest stood. A police officer was still released because he had failed to achieve the standard which is demanded of his position!

Fired because the standard of performance required with being in law enforcement demands a higher level than you or I will ever know. All the officer did was hesitate 60 to 90 seconds, an uneventful 90 seconds at that. Here I was thinking my part of the story was proven something but nothing could be further from the truth. I had done nothing special and what they do is just part of the job. Think about that for a second, a routine stop and the officer as well as the public never knew automatic weapons and knifes would later be discovered.

I write as I do for several reasons but I do so with a heavy heart. I do not enjoy being the person who is constantly questioning court events in a manner that at times taints that which most would think of as polished. Believe me I still have a hard time with some of my findings but based on my own personnel experiences with our courts here I know that abuse is not only possible but more probable than not.

The negative criticism my work receives is based on fear from those who’s actions I report on and not based on the quality of my work. To be honest it is the complete lack of professionalism shown by those who are attempting to circumvent the law that creates the acts of which I report on. There arrogance is such that they have no fear and will record there own illegal actions. These actions can include falsifying evidence, court room documents and testimonies. If those actions are in fact challenged at a later date they simply alter the court transcripts to suit there needs.

Now my friend had one other thing to share with me. He said that some people in Santa Barbara law enforcement think I need to understand I cannot just go around writing what ever I want. Now he really had my attention and we exchanged some things back and forth. I have been shot at, beaten up and jailed blah blah blah and I am still being told what I can and cannot do? Let me be clear here if you do not like my work fine. If I am inaccurate I hope you are willing to show me my errors so I can better understand. If you can do like my friend did and show me that I missed something I am here to listen. But if you do not enjoy my efforts turn the page because I am not the problem. It is not my fault that I can cut and paste two media story’s side by side and expose corruption. It is not my fault that others seek me out because they wish to share what they have endured like me.

Are you kidding me I am being told how I should act after 5 years of abuse? Maybe we could get an injunction against free thought? Maybe a local media outlet will hire me to actually do some real reporting  in Santa Barbara. I am willing to make a deal with anyone in law enforcement who feels I need to stop. I promise to never share another one of my simple observations about corruption. Right after that officer comes by and picks up my Ambulance and Hospital invoices. Completes an investigation into who assaulted me and obtains a conviction. Until than kiss my ass because I have already been bullied, beaten and had everything taken away.

 The other day in my posting I made an observation about local law enforcement; “They administer there version of justice with no fear of recourse to the usual law enforcement or legal processes. Do you know where that statement came from? I had looked up the definition; “to take the law into your own hands’ and than used my results to describe the corruption we face here in Santa Barbara. Truth be told I am not the one who is embarrassed by your work you are. You hide simple common public information so we can remain uninformed. Take the second trial of Corey Lyons accused of two murders for example. The re- trial started back on February 28th 2011 and just look at the lack of coverage below by the Santa Barbara Independent since the retrial started.

APRIL//21/2011Lyons Murder Trial Continues The double murder retrial of Corey Lyons—accused of shooting and killing his brother and brother’s life partner—continues to trudge along in Judge Brian Hill’s courtroom

MARCH/14/2011Neighbors, Friends Testify in Mesa Murder Trial  Defense Tries to Paint Victims as Greedy People with Enemies

Story Updated: Feb 28, 2011 at 8:44 AM PDT  Opening statements are scheduled today in the re-trial of Corey Lyons. APRIL/21/2011 Lyons Murder Trial Continues The double murder retrial of Corey Lyons—accused of shooting and killing his brother and brother’s life partner—continues to trudge along in Judge Brian Hill’s courtroom. Read story.

Second Lyons Trial Focusing on Lawsuit Testimony in the second murder trial of Corey Lyons—accused of shooting his brother Daniel and his brother’s partner, Barbara Scharton—has largely focused on a lawsuit between the two brothers regarding the construction of Daniel's home

3 whole stories’ is all they have produced in almost 2 whole months of trial. The T.V. media coverage has been nonexistent. The sad truth is I am able to produce a better product that does not expose you to some kind of hidden agenda as the others do. Can we be honest here a moment and look at how the Santa Barbara news press markets there coverage of the Lyons case. Some call me a fool but if I was covering a double murder with all the intrigue of the Lyons case. I would not bury it on A3 of the front section. It would be top fold high exposure large font as it would be in probably any other market but ours.

Now since I cannot find any real coverage of the Lyons case. An me being the concerned citizen that I am I decided I would like to attend a few days of the Lyons court room. So I went to the County court web site to check for when the case was due back in court, nothing came up but his perjury trial.
04/28/2011 - 8:30 am 
Corey John Lyons  
Preliminary Hearing Setting 
Brian E Hill 

After that I went to the other county court web site and my search result was “None Scheduled”.
Now I was really confused why my search results would come up with nothing especially since what had transpired last Wednesday and Friday with the case. The Santa Barbara news press was reporting this past week that Corey Lyons sister Coleen Zitelli, had not been truthful in her previous testimonies at the preliminary hearing and first trial. Now since there has been virtually no coverage about just how that will effect the trial I will hold my thoughts until tomorrow.

Inclosing I am opps I enjoyed my closing so much I made it my introduction!

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