Sunday, April 24, 2011

Your handling of the Corey Lyons trial is not the problem. The problem is how you handle everything.

Some times an Idea is best not shared but I hope that is not the case with my last posting? I moved the ending to the beginning in an effort to dramatize just how accurate my closing point was. It is almost comical to me that those in public office whose actions I report on are offended by my efforts. There are literally so many areas of concern where I have achieved creating a new awareness that they seem to now be stacking up faster than I can keep up. I seem to be under more pressure these days than before and I am not quite sure why that is? Let me make this next point very clear; I have done next to nothing with any of my findings as far as going to the next level. I have never taken my concerns about the beating I was given to any out of area agencies. In fact two of the last three weeks that I have been invited to appear on T.V. I have chosen to decline. I have yet to appear or speak at any County Board of Supervisor or City council meeting. So to those that oppose my actions I suggest you get a grip with reality, because I have only just begun to scratch the surface. What little that has been accomplished by me has also been done with minimal effort, and that just may be the scariest part?

 For example I am still waiting for the California State Controllers Office to contact me with cost and time frame in regards to receiving the full 29 years of California Public Pension audits. The SBCERS pension issue will be reviewed with a greater effort by me than we have seen to date. Those in Public offices you will not be given the 20 years of alternative endings that you seek, we just cannot afford to give you them. My request for the audits was previously screened and approved by the State Controllers legal department. So I feel it is just a matter of time before I can begin to unravel what every County in California is afraid of.

 Sometimes I really have a hard time understanding what my inner circles of supporters require from me? I say this because most of the actions they insist I take may not be in my best interest. From a social stand point with friends and family my confidant’s requests are almost the exact opposite of what they feel I should be taking. That is not to say I disagree with them but the physical results I seek just seem slow in coming. Than again it could be that I have to increase my efforts to take better advantage of the avenues they have kept open for me. Avenues that in the past most were never allowed to venture down.

 I think my last posting was a soft approach to what comes next. Because I still have a few pages of notes, facts and feed back that must be presented to the public in regards to the Corey Lyons murder trial. My next posting may be a source of embarrassment for some of Santa Barbara’s law enforcement but it in no way reflects law enforcement as whole. Maybe I am apologizing for my work in advance, not because my work is bad but because there is no getting around the fact that it paints a bleak picture. So I ask that you keep an open mind and really take a moment to consider if change is really needed in this community.

Larry Mendoza

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