Thursday, April 21, 2011

So how does Larry "Magic" Mendoza really feel about Santa Barbara Law Enforcement?

   Before I get going tonight I want to share some history about me and my interaction with law enforcement these past 5 years.

Yes it is true I was at one time (falsely) facing 7 strike-able felony charges in our Santa Barbara criminal court system, but that is not what I want to talk about. No tonight I want to share with you an arrest I witnessed while at work (Ellwood 7-11) not long after I was released from jail.

To make a long story short there was a D.U.I. arrest that occurred right before my eyes and the officers involved were required to use force. As it turns out this person who was arrested had in his possession an automatic rifle with tons of ammunition as well several swords and survival knifes. He appeared EXTREMELY intoxicated to me and several customers in the store and we let him know that. The first officer to approach the suspect had waited several minutes and even allowed him to enter my store. The U.C.S.B. officers as well as a representative of the Sheriff department were extremely professional and extended every courtesy I could think of to the suspect. After all was said and done the suspect tried to resist the officers with force and was subdued by them.

After I saw what I did from inside my store I went out and offered to be a witness for the officers saying exactly what I have just shared with you; That they had done an outstanding job and in no way should there tactics be questioned by anyone. Even after my having just been released from jail where I had sat for almost 3 months with no grounds for there detaining me. I love our legal system and feel I have many friends among law enforcement!

The next night I was visited by a Sargent from the U.C.S.B police department and he asked me share with him the incident from start to finish. I did so but I must admit I did try to down play the length of time it took the first officer to take action. I felt that after seeing all the weapons this situation had been a little more dangerous than it had to be. The Sargent sensed my efforts and asked to be honest and that he had already decided the initial officer put everyone in danger and he was to be released from the U.C.S.B. force. I have shared this story with you all to make two points;
1-       I have nothing but the highest regard for our legal system and for those that wear a badge. An that I am willing to defend there actions when ever I can.
2-       Bad law enforcement just like my example is not only dangerous to the public but is just as or more dangerous for those that wear a badge! You see even law enforcement realizes the importance of there own actions and are willing to police themselves.

I guess this is my attempt to say I feel bad about how hard I have come across these past few postings. But those of you that know me in law enforcement know you can always count on a genuine greeting and a fresh cup of coffee any time I am on duty. I have always felt it is the least I can do to show my appreciation for the job that you do. Having said that, I will hold off my next posting about the Lyons trial until tomorrow. People I have candy coated most of my findings and real concerns up till now. Tomorrow I feel I must share what I have else I have learned.

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A mother of a defendant who is about to face his sentencing in our criminal court will be sharing her thoughts with us all soon. I am hoping that they experiences of her son and there family may shed a new perspective that many of you have never experienced before.
I am also sending an open invitation to current defendant 
Denise D'Sant Angelo in our Superior court to share her thoughts on a daily basis as her trial progress's!

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