Friday, April 29, 2011

Framed for murder at 14 Ricardo Juarez still has hope in the Court of Appeals! I have more questions with the handling of the Corey Lyons Murder Trial.

I am not sure if anyone actually realizes that we are currently in uncharted waters. Never before has corruption from the Criminal and Civil courts in Santa Barbara been so exposed as they are right now; from every Judges unethical act and illegal ruling to the sloppy handling of forensic evidence. I have asked a mother of a recently sentenced youth to share in her own words with us just what her son and family have been put through in our heavy handed criminal system. Her son had a 100 Santa Barbara citizens take action on his behalf before his Judge, only to fall on deaf ears. No longer can uneven unethical distribution of the law be allowed.

To prove my point just look at the actions an Appellate Attorney has taken on behalf of than 14 year old Ricardo Juarez. As I have stated from the beginning this young man was framed for murder and even my uneducated self has been able to prove that fact. I have had a difficult week so my latest
Lyons posting is only half way done. Let me ask you all a question. Why do you think in the last month links to my blog has grown another 25%? I was really proud when I last reported to you all that there were 4100 links to my blog, just think how proud I feel right now. I don't mean to be a tease but I just realized I had missed a big area of concern with how criminalist Ullemeyer performed his duties in the Lyons case. What I am wondering is why his actions have not been called into question by his boss Police Chief Cam Sanchez. Truth be told I am not sure Mr. Sanchez knows what real police work is, but then again he had his way with me five years ago. 

Well I hope I receive that letter from a friend about her son soon because we are now able to make a greater impact than ever before. And, by the way, even though I felt sick all week, my pages viewed per day has been growing week by week, inquiring minds want to know what I am willing to share. Larry "Magic"
Mendoza the Criminal Court Whisperer - do you think should I change my nickname?

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Below is the automatic email I receive from the Court of Appeals for the Ricardo Juarez case. To start this email i pasted just the last few actions taken on his behalf. The link below will show the full docket of actions take for Mr. Juarez

04/12/2011 Received letter from:   (letter brief) by attorney D. Pritz for aplt Juarez **Need original**
04/12/2011 Voice Mail message for:   atty. Pritz for aplt; requesting original no fax copies
04/13/2011 Letter brief filed. Defendant and Appellant: Juarez, Ricardo
Attorney: Danalynn Pritz

**Citing new authority** People v. Cortes (2011) 192 Cal.App.4th 873 [121 Cal.Rptr.3d 605] decided after arb filed (filed by permission- no original)
04/14/2011 Cause argued - submission deferred. (See note field.)   1:30 pm
appellant shall serve & file a supplemental letter brief on the issue of guilt or actuality within 15 days; respondent shall serve & file a supplemental letter brief in reply 15 days thereafter. SUBMISSION DEFERRED 30 DAYS
04/29/2011 Letter brief filed. Defendant and Appellant: Juarez, Ricardo
Attorney: Danalynn Pritz

SUPPLEMENTAL - by appellant

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