Friday, June 25, 2010

Concern over Santa Barbara District Attorney candidate Josh Lynn's firing, who cares?

My Response to “Law and disorder in D.A.’s Office ( A story in Thursdays news press).
Ever since last Monday I am stunned by the double standard a select few wish to exercise in regards to recently fired Deputy District Attorney Josh Lynn. To show concern for only is civil rights with all the outrage in this community over corruption and abuse in our local courts. My feeling is that Josh Lynn should be ashamed of himself complaining his rights were violated. Try being a 12 or 14 year old boy and only getting referred to as either an alleged or a Gang member every time Mr. Lynn spoke. What about there civil rights? In the needless death of Angel Linares reports of over 100 kids were at the scene, yet over half were not involved in the fighting. They showed the intelligence an respect to the law and got the hell out of there. Yet we never reach out to that portion of our youth, why is that? Just yesterday 06/24/10 in the Santa Barbara News press under the classification of Guest Opinion Terry Tyler a retired Certified Public Accountant made several bold statements in support of the “alleged” victim Josh Lynn. I agree with his opening statement;” Something has gone terribly wrong at the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office and no amount of spin can hide it.” Mr. Tyler may I make one small suggestion; something HAS been terribly wrong in the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office. I stand corrected though because after a second viewing of your opinions I agree with more than I thought.
1- Mr. Lynn ran an attack campaign making accusations of corruption.. Thus possibly upsetting and possibly exposing many of his colleagues in the D.A.’s office to the same unwanted scrutiny.
2- As information comes out Mr. Lynn went to the press and a story was run without verifying the facts first as to why the 1 day leave. The story appeared in the Sunday press almost as if a favor to Mr. Lynn since everything he was claiming was to have happen Friday after hours. Any responsible journalist would have held the story giving some professional courtesy by contacting Ms. Bramsen when she became available. Than and only after factoring in her comments an reasoning would a story be released instead of shooting from the hip for cheap theatrics.
3- Mr. Tyler feels this was a punishment handed down to Mr. Lynn after the election. I feel that maybe some people not in the know should let a sleeping dog lie. I have come across several people who claim Josh Lynn was there marijuana dealer in years gone by. In a reply I received to one of my postings the person raised several questions regarding contributors to the Josh Lynn campaign. The contributors claimed to be D.B.A. xxxx and donated 5000.00. However upon reviewing the D.B.A. the names of the donors and the business did not match. I must admit I have not verified that fact but there is more. The person than went on to say that in fact the donors had just purchased 100 acres in Santa Maria for illegal marijuana crops. I am not sure how to digest this except to say did that act represent some type of election fraud? If indeed the donors are not as they claimed and should the District Attorneys office investigate that?
4- Are you kidding me Mr. Tyler, “what a horrible message this action sends to others, who will now dare to run for office”. Can you Say TOM SNEDDON one of the most vindictive S.O.B.’s every to falsely claim he was a public servant.
5- Mr. Tyler also adds” What about freedom of speech, what about Josh Lynn’s civil rights.”? Mr. Lynn has the right to free speech he just does not have the right to lie about what was actually happen in order to seek public sympathy. As for his civil rights, I will get back to that subject in just a moment.
6- Mr. Tyler than goes onto say ‘With all the problems the District Attorneys Office has had throughout these last few years, this is exactly what the office doesn’t need.”. I again find myself agreeing with Mr. Tyler. What if the firing of Mr. Lynn is in fact addressing your brilliant observation?
7- Thank god a C.P.A. brings up our County Budget problems. Mr. Tyler did you know that over 1 billion dollars goes of the radar for a whole year? That’s right Mr. Geis our County Auditor-Controller goes so far as to draft a letter clearing up concerns some appeared to be having mid 2000’s. With our county pension fund. The odd thing is in the attempt to clear things up Mr. Geis shows accounting in that letter for 2000,2002,2003,2004,but not 2001. So I than check all the yearly reports and almost 99.9% of 2001 data on any yearly report is absent including 2001 altogether. I than look into who was the auditing company used by the County. Santa Barbara was using KPMG, so take a peek at there lack of credibility below. An one more note I think they are still in service to our county Pension fund.
“SEC Distributes Nearly $50 Million to Defrauded Xerox Investors
The Xerox Fair Fund resulted from SEC actions brought in 2002 and 2003 against Xerox Corporation, five of its officers, Xerox's independent audit firm (KPMG, LLP) and five KPMG accountants who held senior positions on the Xerox engagement. Among them, the defendants paid more than $46 million to settle SEC charges that they caused Xerox to make materially false and misleading statements in SEC filings. (Ten million dollars of the total amount was paid by Xerox to the U.S. Treasury before the Fair Fund provisions were enacted.)”
My point is this Mr. Tyler, while Josh Lynn was in control of the office, did he investigate any of my findings I forwarded him?
8- Mr. Tyler you question the level of service we can expect from our elected law enforcement officials and the actions of Ms. Bramsen and newly elected District Attorney Joyce Dudley.

I question the motive behind concerns being put out Josh Lynn’s way. I feel the good old boys are upset there hand picked successor failed to meet the objective assigned to him. When Joyce Dudley was publicly pulled off her case load in inner office politics and was replaced by corrupt Mary Barron were you worried about her Civil Rights, or disrespect she was forced to face in public? When Judge Ochoa sentenced Peter Jeschke for 2 counts of having sex with a minor in the lightest possible fashion did her acting supervisor Josh Lynn publicly support her? An by the way why was there no suspended sentence for Mr. jeschke since he had a second trial coming up. To be honest we have not heard anything about that outcome either. Hell Josh Lynn could not even concede the election in a professional manner allowing Joyce Dudley a victory speech.

More than that Mr. Tyler what about my civil rights with 7 false strike-able felonies? How about the civil rights of those falsely accused with a felony from the old Santa Barbara district attorney’s office. The only thing you can call it is malicious prosecution when 30% of those originally charged with a felony are dismissed? However not until they are forced to pay the higher felony bail and attorney fees. I feel if Josh Lynn has had his rights violated he is entitled to his day in court. If that day in court is in Santa Barbara he will need more than good luck just ask the 14 year old boy framed for murder, Ricardo Juarez.

If we do not care about those we are sworn to protect what right do we have to complain when our own rights receive the same unjust treatment?
Mr. Tyler I keep a blog @
Please review some of the many other concerns I have in this County.


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