Monday, June 21, 2010

Santa Barbara news storys that seam to get pushed under. The Death at our Mental Health Facility.

METH Bust or Death at the M.H.F
You can always tell when things are being hidden in Santa Barbara and corruption is involved, do you now how? Because the media stops reporting on the issue, story, arrest what ever the subject in question is and you are forced to keep track yourself. What has happen with the following?
1- Still no mention of arraignments or acts to seize real estate located 2078 Las Canoas 93105 as allowed by federal law in the big METH bust? The bust in question is the one that our local Santa Barbara news press has yet to report on. The information below was taken from Sheriff’s web page in regards to the drug bust and is in the middle of posting.
“William Paxson – 11550(a) H&S – Under the influence of a controlled substance, 11364 H&S – Possession of drug paraphernalia, 11366 H&S – Maintaining a dwelling for drug use/sales. Bail was set at $2,500.”
View the home at the link below
Now when I put my house up for sale back in June of 06 because I was being told prison was in my future a certain Santa Barbara Police officer took it upon himself to advise the Realtor to pull my home off the market. After he arrested me of course and get this Mary Barron from the D.a’s office than charged me with 3 strike-able felonies. The big one being for vandalism that resulted in a flat tire with all leads exhausted according to the investigation documents. Actually there was a disagreement between my roommate and I but with no one else present what type of case could she have had? I than later that summer sat in jail for no legal reason and that lasted almost 3 months. I lost the house in an illegal foreclosure 12 of 06.
2- Again still no report in the Santa Barbara new press about the sudden death at our mental health facility, why is that? Are Hector and Efren mental health employees up to there old tricks again?
3- The Lyons double murder case and the “Whisper tape” I thought this trial was ready to start over a month ago?

It closing I find it hard to believe that our Superior Court can have any kind of back log since there is no news from the Court House being reported in print other than the youth murder trial. Now here is a scary thought. The Santa Barbara news press has already commented in there paper that they felt the District Attorneys office has not made there case, humm.

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