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Morgan Hill, Drug Dealers and the Santa Barbara Police what is the Illegal tie in. This stuff is calling Hollywood!

Just random info on case's that were handled illegally, the tip of the ice berg. F.Y.I.
I do have a a question is local law enforcement for sale in a divorce or to drug dealers. SBPD followed me back from an extend stay in Morgan Hill just before my sister the probation officers wedding back in 10/05. I have to go to work right now but my next posting will start at the beginning, I am sure many of you are wondering how this all started. There is only one question to ask that I still cannot answer WHY, why did all this happen. Probably starts and ends with the Golden Rule Money! Larry R. Vega will have a role, sorry to hear his father just past way in Morgan Hill in April.

I am asking you all to keep an open mind with me please. This recording was made the week before I left Morgan Hill, and I felt like I was being chased out by Larry R. Vega and possable friend Oscar Flores locals to Morgan Hill(more on them later) and I could hear this very faint sound in my hotel room. Now I switched rooms 3 times in two months and Larry R. Vega always ended up in the room next to me, why is that? I am in an extended stay monthly rental because my than wife has agreed(she was lying)to try and work on our marriage and move up north. So in my last room I would wake up in the middle of the night and as soon as I opened my eyes this faint noise would start to play as if thy could see inmy room. So i did what any sane person would do I recorded the sound with my cell phone and emailed it to myself. At about 20 seconds into the tape you can hear the word nothing, this will be made important later on today. This recording can be extended by changing pitch thus my interest and knowledge why the "Whisper tape" is pure manure.

So here is my question. Does it not seam possible my illegal detention by SBPD maybe be tied into what they do not want exposed about them being in Morgan Hill? At the time it may have seamed odd but look back now, listen to what they say on the recording, you might want head phones. I have about 10 different lengths and contents from this recording, you will be amazed what I can do with a recording that our Police dept claims they cannot with the "whisper tape". Within 4 weeks I am locked up and the key is thrown away in an effort to ruin my creditability. I hope that has not happen.

So much more to share. Now keep in mind at that time I was 45 years old and never arrested or had as much as a parking ticket. My alleged crime wave lasted 6 months and since being placed on illegal felony probation has never happen again.


I have re-contacted the family of the patient that died in the Santa Barbara Mental Health facility to keep myself I the loop. I have also contacted the detective in the case to see what I can do about my beating. Any how the stuff below is taking me longer than I thought sorry. Please let me know what you want or don’t want ok.


I started on my Mental health superior court case complaint , but is this to long winded?

My complaints of criminal civil rights violations by the Santa Barbara District attorneys office will cover several Santa Barbara Superior court cases. Although there will violations from other local law enforcement agencies over lapping with these complaints, we will only deal with the Santa Barbara District attorneys office and the illegal actions by there personnel in this document.

Superior Court Case # 1187044 Mental Health 5150 evaluation and treatment. Since when does mental health care include beatings while being extremely over medicated so as to fog my reporting and or recording the illegal acts?

On Thursday Morning November 18th 2005 the Santa Barbara Police department took custody of me and placed me in the County Mental Health facility as a Danger to Self and Danger to others after a visit to Cottage Hospital and clean drug test. The Santa Barbara police department did this with no documentation or investigation into there claims of any kind in regards to why these actions were being taken in the first place and against my will. The first responding officer informed me that I had threatened to harm my wife and her brother at some recent point in time. I immediately disputed these facts. Upon my eventual release I spoke to my wife and she confirmed no such action had ever taken place by me and neither her nor her brother had ever made such false claims. Further more in a later dated investigation by a district attorney staff no such allegations were every investigated or confirmed by the investigator. I will later in my complaint show why the District Attorneys actions will be challenged on many levels for corruption and the repeated violations of my Constitutional rights. However for now I would like to stay on point with the Mental Health beating I was forced to endure. My Confidential Superior Court Case #1187044 file is virtually empty of any documentation. The file contains only 2 documents with the first one dated 11/21/2005. Neither document in the file can be traced to the date I was first placed under the County care on 11/18/05 The first fax to the local courts is 4 days later 11/21/05 at 12:15pm and is the “ Notice of Certification”. The second document is dated 5 days later on 11/22 and faxed on 11/23 at 8:16 am and is the “Certification review” form from 11/22. Immediately from day one of my being placed under care I requested a Writ of Habeas Corpus be completed on my behalf acting on my Constitutional right to demand an audience with the local magistrate. I did not completely understand the process and wanted counsel to protect me. At no time were public defender services offered to assist me with these matters. On the certification review I was found not D.T.O. or D.T.S. and this time it is noted on the document that I again request a judicial review and Writ be filed on my behalf. Please keep in mind I was not released until 12/01/05 a full 14 days of illegal detention. I was never brought before the Court nor was a writ ever completed or filed on my behalf so that I could petition for my release as allowed by law. Thus I was being held against my will and my Constitutional rights to Due Process were being violated. While being held against my will I was transported 11/23/05 under an emergency situation to the local hospital. While I was in the care of Santa Barbara County at there mental health facility I was being physically abused by being hit in my kidney area while I was also subject to extreme medication. I was returned to the Mental Health facility later that evening of 11/23/05 by ambulance the same way I had left. I must have been cleared of something only after having some type of test by the Cottage hospital emergency staff run and completed. At no time beyond that evening did facility personal at the County Mental health make reference to or act as if emergency medical treatment had been needed by me. It took me 3.5 years to track down the emergency medical transportation and treatment billing for the night of 11/23/05. Upon review of all treatment files the Mental Health Facility kept on me from 11/18 through 12/01/05 they show no such medical treatment. I have requested an investigation of the emergency treatment I received by the following agencies, Public defender, probation, district attorneys, and to date no one will comment or start an investigation in a any kind.

In a letter sent to Mr. Allan Kaplan of the local District attorneys office 06/08/08 I address all the above concerns and he refuses to investigate that matter as well others shared in that correspondence.

Superior Court case # 1188728 filed 01/25/06

The People of California vs. Lawrence Andrew Mendoza

I am charged with a complaint of felony 422 criminal threats by Senior Deputy District attorney Vicki Johnson.

I am falsely charged by the District attorneys office as further abuse continues from case #1187044. The dispatch log report clearly shows the call was considered minor and went out as a disturbing the peace call. Further more at no time in the transcripts is there any claim of any kind of threat being issued and no mention of fear of safety. There was no merit for not only the false charge against me but there actions that followed. For 5 months that followed I was told how grave the felony strike-able charge and situation against me was. The fact that a newly filed divorce was behind these false charges the district attorneys office should have been well aware it was merely a common and illegal divorce tactic and my right should have been protected.

Superior Court case # 1189598 fled 02/07/06 3MORE CASES TO REVIEW

The People of California vs. Lawrence Andrew Mendoza

February 4th 2008

The People vs. Ricardo Juarez Case# 1218867

D.A. argues the issue regarding whisper tape. States that no substantial right of he defendant has been impacted.

The exact same scenario came up in the Lyons double murder and tape was not allowed

On this date Judge Ochoa finds that due to late filing of informational by D.A. Dozer

Case # 1218867 OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT MOTION TO SET ASIDE THE INFORMATION. DATED 01/22/08 Filed by the Santa Barbara District Attorneys and signed by Deputy Franklin. I am only providing you with 4 sheets of the 30 that make up this motion. On page 19 Mr. Franklin makes reference the earlier granting of use immunity for the prosecutions witness Ricardo R. in order to testify against the against the defendant for murder Ricardo Juarez. In line 9 of page 19 of this motion and I quote” Ricardo R. was granted immunity from prosecution for the murder and than testified”. Since the murder charge was singular to Mr. Juarez it seams the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office had proven the defense’s case that reasonable doubt did in fact exist as to the defendants charges and this was done prior to a trial. Now when you go back and examine the circumstances as to how Mr. Juarez was charged in the first place. One can see the Prosecutorial Misconduct

I have a second serious concern of prosecutorial misconduct by the Santa Barbara District attorneys office in this same motion and that starts on page 27. On page 27 starting with line four and I quote “which simply re-alleges the charge alleged in the felony complaint, upon which defendant was held to answer after a six day preliminary examination.’. While yes it is true that after these matters had been concluded and Mr. Juarez’s charges were dropped a second preliminary hearing would be later held and that proceeding did last 6 days. What I would like investigated is how the District attorney could make a reference to that proceeding which had not taken place for at least 2 months into the future. They only way there could be any reference to that hearing would be if this motion had been prepared and post dated after the event in question Thus filling a need for the courts to continue there criminal ways and cover up against the defendant.

It is a bit complicated but the charges were thrown out on 02/05/08 for Mr Juarez’s first case but he was recharged with a new case number # 1257189 in Santa Barbara Superior Court. On 07/18/08 a MOTION RENEWING REQUEST FOR MISTRIAL AND A CITATION FOR PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT is Filed against both prosecutors Hilary Dozer and M. Franklin

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