Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Josh Lynn bush league till the Bitter end. The lack of conceding was just more amateur hour on Mr. Lynn’s part.

Well just as it had started with Mr. Lynn’s effort to be elected Santa Barbara District Attorney it ended with his usual flair for a bush league act. An if not for the strong feelings of others I doubt I would have been sharing this with you all just as I am about to end my very long day.

Regardless of what had already transpired between the two District Attorney candidates I would have appreciated some class and the end of what I sure was a grueling campaign for the two of them. Just think of the goodwill Mr. Lynn could have shown his family friends and co-workers by admitting defeat and allowing the people’s choice a chance to speak. Could we not expect him to act like a grown up, a professional, a servant of the people and had have him concede defeat to a worthy opponent Joyce Dudley? I feel by Mr. Lynn allowing Joyce Dudley the opportunity to thank her supporters and show us the class she will bring to her newly elected office. An element that many feel has been missing for almost 2 decades and his act further reflects that.

It was surely not his opponent’s fault that one could fall from grace with such swiftness and loud thud. At one time Mr. Lynn must have felt he was sitting on top of the world being hand selected as the next District Attorney of Santa Barbara County. To have the much publicized Jesse James Hollywood case placed in his path to success, but a funny thing happen on the way to the Forum. Josh Lynn placed himself before the office or the will of the people of this county and lost. It seams no matter how many times Mr. Lynn said the word Gang the math just never added up to the public. His constant reminder of the element of Gangs as it turns out just never touched the average person of this county. With the lose of homes and funding issues arising on a daily basis those concerns far out weighted his attempt to play what I feel was the race card. I have shown my colors many times over and the start Red White and Blue with a beautiful Mexican heritage intertwined.

I have shared many of my thoughts on how this race was played out and the only thing I can add is what a school yard whopping Joyce Dudley gave Josh Lynn. What a master politician with the skill of a surgeon did Joyce Dudley work her Magic( had to do it sorry)! Only now can I begin to hope the office of District Attorney will once again be open to and serve the greater good of and all the public as it is required to do!

In closing we start back at the beginning. It was felt by the many contributors of thought I work with that the weak unprofessional and classless act displayed by Josh Lynn and of his followers must be exposed for what it is. Furthermore those that contribute discussion and feed the thought that I share on my blog want this next portion stated very loudly and clearly. A time for Just acts from ALL Law Enforcement is not a request but a requirement to keep your positions. Regardless of my love of Country the time to hold those in office accountable has come and we will work to see that it is done. Please do not flatter yourself and think that I Larry Mendoza claims to be the only thought used for my blog. It comes from the hearts and sprits of all those good people that cross my path. Why just tonight I gave a bad answer to a law enforcement officer now that I think about it. I was asked by this officer what does it take time wise and effort to put forth my stories as he thanked me for writing them. The answer should have been the same love of Country that runs through his soul runs through mine and that is were I get the energy to do the important work that I do. Good night and God Bless us All!

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