Saturday, June 12, 2010

Santa Barbara Superior Courts and District Attorneys office must be "Just' as per Joyce Dudley's remarks!

Saturday June 12th 2010

Joyce Dudley District Attorney

Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office

1112 Santa Barbara Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2008
(805) 568-2350

Dear Santa Barbara District Attorneys Office and Joyce Dudley;

I would first like to congratulate Joyce Dudley on a brilliant campaign and well deserved victory in being elected Santa Barbara County’s District Attorney, but that is only the beginning. I hope there is a message that was delivered loud and clear through the people of this County to the office I am addressing with this letter. The time has come that we act “JUST” in all aspects of Santa Barbara Law Enforcement. I am talking about anything from a simple parking ticket to a procedurally correct arraignment in our Superior Court. So why am I taking the time to write you all today? Because of the un-Just and let me be blunt corrupt Santa Barbara legal system, top to bottom left to right we are currently experiencing here.

Now before I go into my concerns I want to review the campaign for District Attorney and the one item of value I took from the ten months of mayhem that we all had to endure. During one of Joyce Dudley’s first interviews on the campaign trail she made a very bold and accurate statement that the “ the Courts must be Just”. However I am here today to state that the statement must be expanded to include all law enforcement from parking meter personal to SUPERIOR COURT JUDGES and on the way to the courts please include your office of District Attorney. Now than what does “JUST” mean that the public should expect? I hope the legal definition I found and included below will help you figure that out

“just adjective aboveboard, according to law, aequus, affording no undue advantage, appropriate, as it should be, authoritative, awarded deservedly, befitting, bona fide, cogent, condign, constitutional, deserved, deserving, detached, disinterested, dispassionate, due, equable, equitable, ethical, even-handed, exact, expected, express, fair, fair and square, fair-minded, fit, fitting, forceful, honest, impartial, incorruptible, iustus, judicious, juridical, justifiable, justified, lawful, legal, legitimate, licit, logical, merited, meritorious, meritus, moral, objective, open to reason, owed, owing, precise, principled, proper, rational, reasonable, reputable, right, righteous, rightful, scrupulous, sincere, solid, sound, square, straight, straightforward, sufficient, suitable, unbiased, unbigoted, unbribable, unbribed, unchallengeable, uncolored, uncorrupt, uncorrupted, unimpeachable, uninfluenced, unswayed, upright, upstanding, veracious, weighty,os.”

Before I close my correspondence today I would like to include just few examples of the top of my head taken from the slim pickens our local media has to offer. Now we all now that I have over 4 year of examples and my data is always verified and my sources offered for review unlike the District Attorneys office.

How is it that the “ Nun Scammer as your office has allowed her to be referred as but her name is Denise D’Sant Angelo was just sentenced to two years state prison? I feel this was a very vindictive and harsh act the Judge. Now I may be wrong but had it not already been reported in the media that had she not delayed sentencing her time would have been completed within a week or two beyond that point? In my opinion the only message delivered by Judge Dandona with this sentencing is that we are not allowed to use our Constitutional rights and to do so is unwise in our local Santa Barbara Superior Courts.

Did we not offer the Mortgage fraud gentlemen from the north county who’s name escapes me at this moment 20 years for 14 million dollars of fraud. Now wait minute because this gentleman than files for bankruptcy protection and than gets an offer our District Attorneys office. Our D.A. office allows this gentleman to buy five years off his prison sentence for 1 million dollars returned and up to ten years for 2 million dollar. Now based on the cracker jack investigations completed pretrial and the fact he has filed for bankruptcy how could the prosecutor make and expect that gentleman to have 2 million un traceable dollars to met that offer. Sounds like perjury charges are in hi future.

What about David Abrahams who stole 2.1 million dollars in Santa Barbara and with the blessings of the State Insurance commissioner Steve Poizner and our local D.A.’s office received 90 whole days jail time for 14 counts FELONY of fraud. I wonder why his tough on crime stance did not take and he lost in his bid to be the next Governor of California.

Wait we have the Randy Quaid and his wife who allegedly attempted to beat a ten thousand dollar hotel bill and again received no jail time and were allowed ‘VOLUNTARY ARRAIGNMENTS BY JUDGE ANDERSON”

In Closing I hope the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office will finally leads us down the path of “JUST” in bold neon lights so that others who have lost there way can be returned on the right path.


Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza

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