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Corruption in the Santa Barbara Superior Court Judicial System! Who will help break up this illegal mafia of Judges?

Judge Sterne, Brian Hill, Anderson, G Williams more Corruption in (Santa Barbara Superior Court)
Well with elections just around the corner I am still waiting for Judge Sterne to announce her intentions. It seams if I read the below portion of the California Constitution correctly she has in effect told us she will be abandoning her Judgeship on the first Monday after January 1st 2011. In fact if I recall correctly and I usually do 5 other Santa Barbara Superior court Judges will have also abandoned there Judgeship. You see Appellate and Supreme Court are appointed for terms of six years. However in Superior court you must be elected and there is no six year appointee! That is right so for Judge Sterne to state she does not have to run as Judge Mc Lafferty was about to this June is simply another crime against the people of the State of California and the County of Santa Barbara. Other wise how could the general public have any clue who was asking to be reelected if the do not appear on a primary ballot?

http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/.const/.articl CALIFORNIA CONSTITUTION ARTICLE 6 JUDICIAL

(2) The Governor shall fill vacancies in those courts by appointment. An appointee holds office until the Monday after January 1 following the first general election at which the appointee had the right to become a candidate or until an elected judge qualifies.

Fact Sheet – Judicial Elections

(November, 2006)

There are fifty-eight countywide Superior Courts in California, one in every county. The California legislature authorizes the total number of judges statewide, and appropriates the needed funding to support each judgeship. Superior Court judges serve six-year terms and are elected by county voters on a non-partisan ballot. Vacancies that occur between elections are filled through appointment by the Governor. An appointee serves until the next general election when he or she must stand for election in order to retain the seat.

The qualifications to become a judge are to be a United States citizen, a resident of the State of California, and a California licensed attorney for ten years.

If a candidate for judicial office receives a majority (more than 50%) of the votes in a primary election, that candidate is elected outright. If there are multiple candidates for the same judicial office and no candidate receives a majority of votes in the primary election, the two candidates receiving the largest number of votes will face one another in a runoff during the following general election. Although judicial candidates are identified in election materials as running for a specific “office number” or “seat number”, voters should be aware that this number designates the judicial seat for election purposes only, but has no relation to courtroom location or the type(s) of cases that will be heard by the judge when he/she assumes office. The Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara bench is comprised of Nineteen (19) judges and other court-appointed subordinate judicial officers. Superior Court judges hear cases based upon their specific assignments as determined by the Presiding Judge. Judicial assignments are subject to periodic changes, so that judges may hear a variety of case types during their time with the court. This rotation of assignments gives judges a broad range of experience, and allows the Presiding Judge the flexibility to make short-term changes in judicial assignments based upon court needs.

What about the Judges from below less we forgot them.

Retired Judge Gordon Williams sits in for Judge Anderson in Santa Barbara department 8 and his first chance he got he broke the law. You have to remember Judge Anderson is doing the current alleged Gang murder trial. You know the Trial where no one has to submit evidence and you have witness’s present unfounded fact as truth to an unknowing Jury. Sounds like grounds for a MISTRIAL to me. So when retired Judge Gordon Williams assigned Judge Brian Hill the Hendry’s Beach preliminary hearing he acted out of place and with no regards for procedures. Because department 8 does not assign preliminary hearings. Than again Judge Hill has the Lyons double murder trial currently on his calendar. So why in the world would he have just been assigned the preliminary hearing for a case not bound over for Trial yet and again? Are you people getting the picture? So you want me to believe that department 8 is in charge of Trial Judge Brian Hill’s calendaring? Yet we need retired Judges to fill in and pick up the slack for a behind Santa Barbara Superior Court. I would think the Suzeuta murder trial that took a year just for the preliminary hearing to be completed would come first in importance for the People of Santa Barbara and the victim’s family.

Now the Lyons case has new issues in regards to discovery, it seams the Santa Barbara District Attorneys office had a workman’s comp case against Mr. Lyons filed before the murder. Some how when discovery was traded the District Attorneys office forgot to included the documentation from the Workman’s comp case even though it never lead to charges. Maybe there lack of action did lead to the murder, did anyone think about the possibility of that liability to our County? The lack of ethics in the Current District Attorneys office never surprises me. Only just last week a full year after the Lyons double murder was the D.A.’s office told to provide that discovery as well. Seams Gator Roll and the current murder Trial Judge Anderson is presiding over may have discovery issues as well. In the paper a couple of weeks ago was another preliminary hearing that bothers me. It seams that man that killed someone in the Santa Maria Junk yard over 2 years ago is just going to have a preliminary hearing. Does that mean the D.A. dropped the charges 2 years ago and just now finished there investigation and is refilling of charges for murder? We will never know because this current district attorneys office has not come forward with an explanation. Why is that Josh Lynn?

If I seam a bit short tonight it is because I just don’t know what should be done anymore and I wonder if I have let people down by my not knowing what to do?

Lets move onto the Judicial Roster, how come Gary Blair court administrator never announces roster moves in our Superior Court? Seams we have to patch things together for ourselves.


(Updated: 5/4/2010

Superior Court of California, County of Santa Barbara

Hon. Thomas R. Adams

Hon. Thomas P. Anderle

Hon. Clifford R. Anderson III

Hon. Jed Beebe

Hon. James W. Brown

Hon. Edward H. Bullard

Hon. Jean M. Dandona

Hon. Denise de Bellefeuille

Hon. George C. Eskin

Hon. Rogelio R. Flores

Hon. Arthur A. Garcia

Hon. James E. Herman

Hon. Brian Hill

Hon. James F. Iwasko

Hon. Kay S. Kuns

Hon. Frank J. Ochoa

Hon. James F. Rigali

Hon. Timothy J. Staffel

Hon. Colleen K. Sterne


69599.5.In the County of Santa Barbara there are 19 judges of the superior court but don’t forget about these retired ones and our calendaring is still behind?

RETIRED JUDGES on the Santa Barbara Superior Court Bench






In closing I have spoken with a family member of the person that has died in our mental health Facility. I shared the information and dates in regards to my beating and me being rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I will be contacting the Detective shortly assigned to investigating the death.

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