Sunday, August 7, 2011

Santa Barbara Fiesta's VS. U.C.S.B. at Halloween. Also what is the cost for Santa Barbara's Gang Injunction?

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I have some huge findings to share about the county's retirement earnings over the past 26 years and what we have been lead to believe. I am talking about documentation that reflects returns that exceed 9% during that time frame. Before I get into that subject matter there are a few other items I wish to share.
Well Fiesta's is over and while watching news I was hit by huge surprise. KEYTreported that during Fiesta's approximately 150 law enforcement are used daily to police the event. I was surprised about this number because during last years Halloween weekend in Isla Vista  180 law enforcement officers were required for Friday and Saturday. Than dropping to 150 officers on Sunday. What a stark contrast between the two events. Fiesta's as we all know has an immediate and positive impact on Santa Barbara's economy. Based on all this past years budget cuts to law enforcement I am just hard pressed to see the value in allowing the Halloween fiasco to continue and drain us of our county resources.
Local law enforcement even blocked floatopia last year in Isla Vista and here is the press release explaining why. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department (SBCSD) published a press release “There was crowding in the emergency room, alcohol poisonings, falls off the bus, lacerations from stepping on bottles on the beach. It was very dangerous down there,” said Drew Sugars, Public Information Officer for the SBCSD.” Sounds to me like all this could also apply to Halloween or any night the college kids attempt the State Street Crawl as well?
Oh there is one other item I keep forgetting to include in my postings. I was made aware by the Milpas Community Association that by allowing a Gang Injunction property owners within the injunction zone would be required to disclose that fact with every Real Estate transaction. Now I must admit I was very surprised that
A. This was a by-product of a Civil Gang Injunction.
B. And that no County or City official has informed the public of this.
C.This also makes me wonder if the negative impact on Real Estate is really warranted based on the extremely small amount of crime that is “Allegedly Gang Related”.
I mean just because our media tends to over emphasizes gang issues and also fails to portray a more realistic view. Should City residents be charged for that falsehood through our Real Estate?
Now at first glance you might not see the connection between all of the above and ourSBCERS pension but think about it a moment. I feel there is a huge common denominator of poor management and lack of accountability that runs through all the issues I just addressed. Maybe it is time for change and our politicians need to hear us starting with the next city council election. 

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