Wednesday, April 21, 2010

District Attorney Candidate Josh Lynn speaks out as if he is a Gangster, oh wait he is!

Just as it has happen so many times in the past, while at work I may see something in the print media that I feel compelled to come home and respond to in writing. Tonight I want to start my review and respond to the front page news press story regarding the Santa Barbara District Attorney race. Even more importantly I want to go over some statements credited with having been made by District Attorney Candidate Josh Lynn. So according to Mr. Lynn the D.A.’s office is like a family and I agree. To bad it is a dysfunctional one that you’re past self serving moves have helped create that. Mr. Lynn is than quoted as saying” When I am District Attorney( wishful thinking) the Gangs will know “US”, they will FEAR “US”, Ethics and Integrity will flow from the top down” Can there be a more convoluted statement of facts. First off Josh Lynn who are ‘US” that you refer to, are you referring to the K.K.K? An are you making a threat or just reiterating that you and ‘US” target the Hispanic community here in Santa Barbara? You do not have the integrity required to obtain the office that you seek. You lack the originality our community requires to best serve “US”. You also always take the predictable position as if seeking the approval of others rather than standing for a positive change. An to me that can make you appear a mere puppet for others, a follower and not a true leader. For me Mr. Lynn your bold threat yesterday shows no real attempt will be given to other alternatives while dealing with our disenfranchised youth that you and “US” help create. On one hand our youth are not properly served in there educational needs. Than the current pattern of abuse is used to under mind the concept of Family while you create further conflict within. Parents are being put in a helpless position by the system you and “US” abuse an than are blamed for what they cannot do. They cannot come to there Childs aid. Which in turn can strengthens the hold the streets can have on our children who at this point are being taken advantage of on every level possible.. Maybe that is why the winning Candidate for Santa Barbara District Attorney will need some youth and educational experience in her resume.

You see Mr. Lynn you have already failed to reach the agenda of the position District Attorney requires. It is my thought that in a perfect world one would seek to eliminate the need for punishment. No I am not a child and yes we must protect our citizens. But is that not best done by intervention and prevention rather than the approach of “FEAR’ as you have so clearly stated is your only solution. Fear me Josh Lynn for I will not allow you to go forward unchecked by any legal means possible. You create a void within our youth that creates further complications for society thus you will have failed to protect and serve “US”. Your opening remarks reflect your attempt to grab another cheap headline using the 4 letter word Gang. If myself or another Hispanic youth had made your opening remark of creating fear in the public Mary Barron or Greg Boller would have “US” appearing in court tomorrow to face Felony strike-able catch all 422 terrorist threats and that is a statement of fact. Josh Lynn you do need to fear me! You need to fear my intelligence, my convictions, and my belief in self. You need to come to terms that I want you held accountable for our lack of Ethics and Integrity through the power of vote.

This next point I make is extremely important.
I have been holding on to this next thought for some time thinking that it is a statement best made public by the Hispanic, Latino or Mexican community as a whole. Stop disrespecting my heritage or race in any media by constantly trying to define who we are with the NEGITIVE SLUR “ALLEGEDLY GANG RELATED” .If you translate that term it means “unfounded facts at this time”. I feel many politicians use the word “GANG” to purposely portray my race in a way that is not allowed or tolerated by Black Americans. I feel the word “GANG” in particular moments and depending on its use can be extremely and purposely raciest and is used to openly slur a portion of our community much the same way other raciest use the “N” word to describe another race within America. I feel at times and in the fashion I have seen locally that is the exact intent of those using the word GANG. I would not find this true except for the lack of any other kind of effort by Mr. Lynn or the previous two District Attorneys Stanley and Snedden. You might as well add our past mayor Blum to that group as well. One might feel it is an allowed and acceptable term and I a telling you it is not. Not when it is the only term used to define me and who I am. I have never made excuses for any criminal activity regardless of race. No what I seek is the even and ethical application of the law and only that.

Mr. Lynn you forget who your target audience is an by abusing the term “GANG” no matter how many times repeated will not help you in your quest. That is because you have already lost the voters that you seek and need to obtain the office of District Attorneys. You see in the city of Santa Barbara where Juvenile crime is 300% lower than the State average most local citizens are not directly affected by “Alleged Gang” crime. I have wondered why the fact we have 300% lower crime committed by juveniles is not shared and those who helped create these results are not publicly praised. Mr. Lynn you forgot about those effected by the Jesusita fire. An in your attempt to abuse and manipulate your position you have lost the core voters needed to win this election.

You boast Mr. Lynn that you have been acting District Attorney in recent past. PLEASE REMEMBER YOU HAVE ALSO BEEN REMOVED OR PASSED OVER WHEN PROPER PROCEDURES WERE FOLLOWED. How can one claim to have integrity than go out and play politics at the public’s expense? Worse yet at the expense of dividing the very office he claims is his family. To remove Joyce Dudley from some of her case load and insert Mary Barron as her replacement was the old guards way attempting to continually and unethically impose there will through out the District Attorneys office. Yes you held the post of D.A. while the public paid double salary’s for that underhanded maneuver. I also can share that blame an fiasco with the board of supervisors for there lack of proper management and intervention. In hind sight and after my review of current budget and pension situations our exposure to the lack of proper management rings out loud and clear in far to many actions or lack of by our current Board of Supervisors.

Now last week I posted about Judge Anderson’s lack of respect for the most basic procedures of law the Arraignment. If you recall before I was ever arraigned on my original charge it was dropped and a second illegal charge was added with a fine to make things easier for all concerned. Now this offer was quarterbacked of course by our top to bottom ethical District attorneys office as referred to by Josh Lyn yesterday. What I failed to share with you all is that this illegal act is repeated multiple times on a daily basis in our court system. So when do we really know the law is being applied? If we cannot get out of the gate in a legal manner what makes you confident the law is applied at any level just and fair?

Magic will not get it done but it can’t hurt to have him on your side!
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Regards All

Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza

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