Sunday, April 25, 2010

We can do better than we have shown. I have a question for Arizona would you ask my son for I.D. if?

Some of the Worlds best live and visit our City on a daily basis. Word leader’s shakers and movers from Government to Hollywood have ties to Santa Barbara. An our local Political leaders have allowed a negative campaign to over take our thoughts. Yes crime is an issue and should be a priority. Yes Gangs are here and have appeared to be growing. Having said that what else have our local Political leaders been working on to help us here in Santa Barbara? Problems with our local economy are every where, no new building and lose of employment are huge. We have a Board of Supervisors who lose 257 Million Dollars in 2007 and almost doubled that lose the following year. An than finally just two weeks ago they recognize it is an important issue an create a commission to review those past loses and your focus is on blame. The fact that we may not be able to attract and hire new D.A. Lawyers, Police an sheriffs should really concern us since housing has always made recruiting an issue. Well dummies maybe your right and we need a proper focus on crime. Maybe it is poor leader ship. Now If we do not hold politicians accountable for the positions they now occupy and the responsibilities that come with it who’s fault is that? An please don’t whine at the results you have been handed. You sit here on Craigslist with threats of cutting my ear off for a ten dollar bounty. Can that be what you really want and what does me with out a ear solve? If Gangs are an issue and if our current Police Chief has miss handled the situation than fire him for it is his responsibility. Why has that not been a subject here on Craigslist? Hate, Blame, and stupidity seam to loom large on our local Rants and Raves. Here is what has been said about me on recent Craigslist posting;’ Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza wants to make law, not want elected officials to follow law. Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza spoke of disenfrancised youth- fact is the youth never had the vote to have it taken away! Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza is a LIAR!
That is a lot of nothing about me and I thank you for the attention. I have never requested a new law be made on my behalf but rather the lack of and even and ethical application of the law is missing for every body white, black or brown.

So than I ask how many more Police Officers or Sheriffs could we have hired with a prosperous economy and lack of a budget deficit? We than move to the State and 500 Billion in loses are being talked about for California. We have a Mortgage Crisis that will be tied into these pension fund losses. We obviously need to see what we could improve in regards to education and better use of it’s funding, why can we not find the leader needed to fix the federal violations Santa Barbara schools has been found guilty of.

I feel that is a far greater concern than does a Mexican live here. When my 2 Grandfathers landed on Normandy for D day were they asked for Identification because they looked Mexican? Would you ask a current Service man like my son Manuel who proudly serves in his Country’s Navy while in uniform to provide ID if he was in Arizona. Because if that is the Case and our combined Military Service men landed in Arizona today 1/3 of our protectors would be required to show Identification if asked. You insult the very people who protect the very freedom you exercise here on Craigslist and in everyday Life


I am just lost as to what to say to the select few and wish others would show we have other issues that at the very least need the same attention given to BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

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