Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do to an unjust Judicial system in Santa Barbara, Families form P.A.D.R.E.S.


Contact: Osiris Castañeda

P.A.D.R.E.S. Co-Founder &

Executive Director Youth CineMedia, Inc.

Phone: (805) 450-6704

Santa Barbara Youth Facing Extreme Sentences

Who: P.A.D.R.E.S. (Parents Against Discrimination Racism and Extreme Sentencing)

What: Parents call for equal rights.

When: Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 Noon (12pm)

Where: Santa Barbara County Courthouse

In the past five years youth violence in Santa Barbara has increased, and tragically three young lives have been lost and now several dozen of our communities youth are now incarcerated and or facing deportation. That dramatic spike has left youth fighting for a future out of the confines of a prison cell, rather than turning their lives around through education, social programs, vocational training and job opportunities. Recently, local youth have received extremely harsh sentences from the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office, from misdemeanor infractions to felony offenses, resulting in juveniles tried as adults and unfair sentencing up to and including life in prison. That means a youth who can be rehabilitated through local programs will go into prison a child and come out a 40-year-old convict, with little or no chance for reform. P.A.D.R.E.S. (Parents against Discrimination, Racism and Extreme Sentencing) wants to change the practice of discriminatory law enforcement, ineffective assistance of council and judicial partiality that is resulting in harsh and unjust sentencing. P.A.D.R.E.S. mission is to pursue just and fair sentencing for youth through solidarity and empowerment of traditionally underrepresented families, ensuring equal rights for all.

P.A.D.R.E.S. is comprised of families whose children are facing or currently serving decades in prison, and its members are from a variety of communities in Santa Barbara. This grassroots effort comes at a crucial time for our youth in the legal system! P. A.D.R.E.S. demands the fair & equal constitutional treatment everyone is entitled to under federal and state law, despite an individuals' lack of legal representation, class or national origin.

P.A.D.R.E.S. families will be available for interviews following the press conference.

Osiris Castañeda
Founder & Director
Youth CineMedia
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