Thursday, April 29, 2010

I share this thought with America and I hope the President can Hear me!

Regardless if you believe in Magic or not, it will take a new found sense of responsibility by us all to ever have a chance at the life our Fore Fathers were hoping to create for us. No matter the current conditions our Constitution mandates us to prevent any and all violations of it’s contents and no matter who foolishly attempts such an action. Mr. President Arizona has violated the Constitution and regardless of there need, purpose or intent you cannot and must not allow them to do so. There are laws and agencies currently available that meet Arizona’s needs and the standards of our Constitution. There fore we will not be violating there rights by exercising our responsibilities. Please do not follow the path of other Presidents who created and allowed American on American crime in the form of riots. Please remember Mr. President when riots caused by the concern of racism do occur the assets of the less advantaged are the hardest affected. In the effort to hold or create prosperity more often than not a giant burden of loss is added to the height of the very hurdle that we attempt to over come.

Best Regards Mr. President

Lawrence Zuniga Mendoza

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