Saturday, April 24, 2010

Josh Lynn Candidate for Santa Barbara District Attorney and Friend Dan Raimer

Now as time has moved forward on my quest to expose the enormous amounts of corruption through out Santa Barbara County and the State of California for that matter many people have opened up to me. There are two particular traits they all share, fear of retaliation and that I keep them and there input anonymous. So low and behold I thought I might share a couple of quick concerns and one link that was indeed anonymously sent to me. Now where I work the Santa Barbara news press is ready visible and often times the source of quick conversation and commentary on what ever appears on the front page. So as luck would have it Josh Lynn’s picture had been visible many times and every time it was I would get the same comments about him regardless of current D.A. happenings. Regardless of race or gender originating the commentary they all would say Josh Lynn is a real nice guy and he used to be my Marijuana Supplier! I kid you not if I have heard it one time I have heard 5 times which I find odd. I mean I live out here in Ellwood with a limited amount of population and yet his past drug dealing endeavors are the only thing these folks find him qualified as. Now I have held this back for months and month but you know what. I FEAR HIM and felt it must be shared. Now if these people have miss spoken I will be the first to apologize, but some how I feel Mr. Lynn will chose to ignore me. There are concerns about his friend and former Santa Barbara District Attorney Investigator Dan Raimer but it has all been second hand to me through emails. I will say there are some concerns that I have heard that are also voiced in this You Tube clip I am providing. With no visible assets to speak of Mr. Raimer’s current residence seams a bit out of place to some. I have heard the home is associated to a trust of a well known person in the field of Real estate and local non profit organizations. Other rumors are floating around about the holder of the trust and the letters contained in the trust are , you know what I’ll just keep that to myself right now.

Now pay special attention to the comments made by Mr. Raimer in the video and his reference to ethics. I have so much I am working on at this time that I will have to return to the subject of ethics in regards to actions by our District attorneys offices.

I wonder why people keep sharing with me? No I don’t. I have exposed myself to retribution repeatedly and by the grace of God and my guardian Angels I have been kept from further harm. The fact that up until six months ago I never left my residence other than work speaks volumes about just how serious I take the fear of my past experiences being repeated.

SANTA MARIA TIMES, Thursday March 25, 2010
By Sam Womack/Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, March 25, 2010 12:00 am | (0) Comments

Candidates for election in June and November are lining up their financial support, according to the most recent campaign finance reports.
With an $80,000 loan, Santa Barbara County District Attorney candidate Josh Lynn surged to the front of the financial contribution line with more than $126,000 added to his war chest since Jan. 1.
After nearly $20,000 in expenses, Lynn ended this campaign disclosure period with $144,442 in cash, leading by more than $50,000 his competition for the seat, Senior District Attorney Joyce Dudley.
Dudley raised more than $62,000 in contributions since Jan. 1, without adding to the $5,000 loan she gave to her campaign in December.
Lynn accepted his significant loan from Dan Raimer, an long-time senior criminal investigator with the District Attorney’s office. Lynn called it a “short-term loan” from a friend and co-worker, which “demonstrates his measure of faith in me.”
He also received a $20,000 contribution from the Santa Barbara County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. Other big contributors to Lynn’s campaign were the owners of Eric’s Tree Service in Santa Barbara, Eric Bjorkland and Kelsey O’Reilly, who each gave $5,000.
Dudley had many contributions under $2,000 from individuals and businesses in the county, which added up quickly, and her largest donation was $9,902 from Wynpac IV LLC, a division of Wynmark Co., which is owned by Mark Linehan.

Who is Dan Raimer?

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