Sunday, April 18, 2010

Double Standards in how our Local youth are dealt with. Lack of services from Corrupt Superior Court

Please review this Santa Barbara District attorney. press release dealing with Gang Criminal court case's in Santa Maria.
Gil Garcia of Santa Maria is up for murder ,life without parole, no special enhancements , Now R Juarez of Santa Barbara faced similar charges with special allegations like all our juvenile defendants have There are no need for special allegations when a life sentence is involved, I have mentioned this several times before. The cases are different but half seam extreme and half seam way way light compared to what our youth here face. This press release some how was not in the Independent or S.B. News Press.
"Assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury committed for the benefit of a street gang". 3 years sentencing 7 years sentencing. So why would the Santa Barbara County District Attorney. Superior Court, Public Defenders office an probation department have double standards based on 63 miles?

Speaking of double standards all these benefits that are available in Los Angeles Superior Court are do not seam available in Santa Barbara Superior Court.WHY WHY WHY WHY NOT?

Here is what is available at the Los Angeles Superior Court web page

I have never seen this from or anything like it in all the court files I have reviewed

expert witness for such areas as police procedures and Gangs

In L.A. County Capitol case transcripts must be prepared daily and made available, what happen in the Hollywood case? Juarez Trial? Defense expert Witnesses or not may have there fees covered by the court. Please review this web page

Court delay rules

In L.A. according to this web page adults and there child are allowed and can be assigned counsel in Juvenile matters!!

news and media

Public access to Superior Court Budget matters and court rules that grant access

rights in regards to translation in court

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