Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can explain and offer solutions for Wall Street! If we never attempt to solve anything how can we ever improve?

Now because of the epidemic of Corruption that we Americans are being exposed to in every facet of life I have began to review the math. When I refer to the term math what I really mean is the; Does the Explanation of a responsible party (excuse) of present crisis x the media coverage (Marketing of Corruption) x times cost of original subject = actual value or representation of The Truth?

To date I have taken on many different challenges. Our Courts both Criminal and Civil, Real Estate Fraud in regards to Foreclosures an now Pension funding and lack of. Do you think Wall Street is that difficult to solve in regards to the Alleged Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis and Credit Default Swaps and there abuse’s? If a persons or Institution regardless of type that were are or have been involved in the creating of a negative impact to our way of life regardless of vehicle used and that action creates a negative cost to it’s citizens It must be dealt with and considered Treason. Prime examples are the S&L , Junk Bond, or Sub Prime Mortgage scandal’s ,that represents Treason against the Government and all Assets should be taken for the people!. There intent was to profit and the result regardless of intention was the undermining our free market economy and our very solvency. It is illegal to under mind or hurt your Country. Treason. Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." So what of Credit Default Swaps and its abuse by those profiting off of the performance of others? All you have to do create is a third party holding company that is regulated. A person buying a device of any kind to profit off a known or unknown party and is not vested has an obligation. If any and all holders of default certificates are profitable a portion of said profits must be shared by the party the funds were made from and there performance when not vested in that instrument. By having a third party cash in and distribute funds it should have no giant effect on the Market. It would also affect the amount of liability America faces because once the funds blindly hit the source they were made from he would probably over perform. Because his returns are based on growth his share holders would also gain. It is a Win Win Win! Since the market has stabilized betting short would be less attractive. Which gets me jumping a head but here is a whole different problem. If you can invest and insure your returns at the same time why would you not? Imagine going to Las Vegas and betting you would make 125% profit off your million dollars gambling in your pocket. The million dollars was gathered from friends and family and you have to give them back 1.10 for every dollar they invested. Now based on your past winnings everyone wants in on it. They know if you lose they lose thus the high rate of return seams possible. Now you being a cautious man decide that it is worth 5% of your return to buy a Credit default Swap or certificate against your failure than that provides no risk what so ever you come out on top. So why have Pension Funds failed to in advance chose and dictate there desired out come? Welcome to Wall Street and Credit Default Swaps. The only difference is that on Wall Street you only need know of me and my bet to get action, never having to be part of my original Millions gathered. If one would think of Wall Street as nothing more than an exotic sports book that it is and less of a financial institution we might begin to properly address the faults that keep America exposed. Now I have a whole separate posting regarding Wall Street, Mortgage’s, Arizona, and Gangs and how they are interrelated but lets get back to the topic at hand.

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