Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Accountablity Concerns for corrupt Santa Barbara Superior Court, an new Pension Math

Let’s review Sundays posting.
1- Judge Ochoa presiding over a preliminary hearing for the Quaids in trial court was in the paper this week. While other victims families are made to wait for justice. Like the Zazueta family who had to wait one year from the passing of there daughter to have the alleged killer bound over for trial via a preliminary hearing. All types of trials are back logged while Judge Ochoa hears cases’s where defendants are not legally charged and bound over for trial and should not be appearing before him. Which is why preliminary hearings are the Jurisdiction of Criminal court ie the Figueroa division and not the trial division ie The Historic Court House. It’s odd to me a county where that averages only 35 criminal Jury trials the past few years would have any kind of back log. Now when you add my recent research that Felony filings were down 25% from the years before to 2300 filing and of those 400 more are transferred? I think that is phony D.A. talk for charges reduced to misdemeanors which for 2 years our District Attorneys office claims they did not reduce 1 of the 2300 felony charges to a misdemeanor BULLSHIT!. Lose of funding because of a pension fiasco should not be the victims family’s problem
2- If you review my links posting from my blog there is a juvenile case from Arizona that states both the minor and there parents must be able to understand and digest the goings on of the court, charges and all actions taken for and against there child. Now when I recently asked if 7000 page s of discovery had been translated for the parents of the defendants and if that applies do not forget. It is the same Fiduciary obligation in all past juvenile cases regardless if heard in adult court or not! Others wise the rights of the Parents and defendants have been violated and these case’s should be reviewed!
3- Funny how the press has to write about Gang case right dab in the middle of there from page story that is about a different case all together. They start by talking about shootings at Jack in the Box and than share that they are so dysfunctional in our Superior court cases are waiting 3 Years to go to Court.
4- Why after the Eric Frimpong fiasco is attorney Bob Sanger in such demand?
5- 500 Billion in unfunded pension liability or 13,500 dollars per California resident could be the cost of CalPers pension discrepancy, did you know that? Those are the numbers released by a recent Stanford study.
6- Now remember the County pension fiasco has almost 1 Billion in unfunded liability and the city pension has 105 million as well. So the county math equals 2500 for every resident and add 1200 more if you leave within the city to cover there short comings, WOW 17,200 for Santa Barbara city residents!.
7- So if the Grand jury report on the Santa Barbara County pension is 15 months old. An the pension problem is nearing 5 years. Where is the Grand Jury follow up? Now remember 1 report put the fund at 2.3 Billion dollars before expenses how and another puts it at 1.34 billion value now. Than how can 421 million represent a 25% value in loss as reported inone of the many reports I reviewed ?
8- A response to my posting talking about the abuse’s in Santa Barbara as Terrorism
re: old post terrorism in sb ________________________________________Date: 2010-04-02, 5:33PM PDT
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its still is here only 100 times worse than in 2007

In closing we as Citizens of the United States are responsible for our Government and need to stop blaming those we left in charge.

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