Friday, April 23, 2010

Now they want to change who Cam Sanchez reports to, why has his current boss has failed to act?

I am not sure but according to the current Independent there is a move asking Cam Sanchez Police Chief report to the City Council. Currently the City Administrator James Armstrong is his supervisor as mandated by our City Charter. Why does it need changing at all since no one holds anybody accountable for anything? Look at the link below for yourself and if you can find out when the report will be made public about alleged Civil rights violations by our still Police Chief. I find it a bit coincidental that in the same issue where a story appears about a newly formed group concerned over abuses facing our local youth. A story appears that Mr. Sanchez is reviewing the idea of a gang injunction.
With Juvenile crime locally 300 % lower than the State average what are his issues. If the Pension fund had been properly managed there would be no budget deficit and that has a greater impact on city residents than the alleged Gang Issue. There is no doubt that the 3 deaths possibly related to what they call the Gang element did transpire. How many times can you represent the same act as current news trying to maintain an uncontrollable element? We have had more deaths by motor vehicles than we have by alleged Gang members in our area. I have heard rumors prior to this current Independent story that Josh Lynn was in active mode to get an injunction locally. Why would that be so when we have yet to hear our city council make any public comment recently about such notion. Further more why have we not heard from the Acting Santa Barbara District Attorney Ann L. Bramsen has requested such action?

If the Race card is the only card you hold you are playing with a losing hand. It has been a pleasant surprise to see comments acknowledging that the Race card has indeed been played out. Let me see a man is arrested for Murder this past week and never formally charged in court. He is than released and now allegedly the correct person is charged and should be held and charged for his crimes. Is it just me or does this not sound a lot like what Ricardo Juarez had to endure while being framed for a crime that the prosecuting D.A. acknowledges in a court documents he probably did not committed?

Even with that being said it is just the group effort of a select few that continue on there path of racism, by continually posting and alleging GANG issues. At first glance you can see there effort is very transparent yet I did feel some concern. How ever on a second review of the same web page I noticed the public responding with concerns of inaccurate statements and discontent with the racist fashion there comments are written. Now the local Rants and Raves on Craigslist is a constant source of unintelligent racial postings. An even there people are saying enough and that those types of comments and that the racist remarks are not warranted nor appreciated. I quickly reviewed several other cities rants and rave comment section and no where could I find the kind instigating racist comments that are found here.

Before we allow a Gang Injunction and continue to play the Race card can you do me a favor and show me what else in the form of intervention has been attempted? Can we compare Santa Maria Gang issues and crime data and see how one can even begin to act as if we have the crime data to require such a move. I have several more issues to follow up on but I had to start some where. I find it ironic that these alleged racist have tolerated and allowed an Hispanic police chief to abuse his powers with the arrest of a non Hispanic , or in plan English Wayne Scoles a white male. So you can stop fronting that Mexicans bother you. If that were truly the issue the racist would have already chased him out of town.

Why has a whole year passed and our Santa Barbara City Council not cleared the Police Chief of there own allegations?
 Santa Barbara City Administrator  Hires Ventura Investigators for Police Chiefs alleged Civil Rights Crimes vs.Scoles Case

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