Monday, May 17, 2010

Another American Touched from my heart to theres! God Bless America

This brought tears to my eyes too.

Its hard when we have so so much corruption and intent by others to do such harmful things to us and those who are defenseless to see the good in people anymore.

i have grown to distrust people and become so jaded.

Thanks for sharing a warm story like this below;

Proudest American moment... (SB & everywhere)

Date: 2010-05-17, 1:01PM PDT

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Well, that guy started it. --- He posted a story about finding love and respect and joy in a bar in Clovis, CA. I read it and it made my day. How often I come through CL in my daily internet surfs and perused the rants and raves section just to be disgusted and put off by the lowly, hateful, and downright stupid comments by the racist uneducated bigot losers on this site. People wasting time, energy and space. People like ROFLAY and that ilk. Give it a rest! What a joy to see something positive here.
I'd like to share one of my proudest American moments that happened just the other day:
I was in line at the grocery store behind a couple of people. The man in the front of the line did not have enough money for his food items and he struggled to choose which items he had to put back. Then he lowered his head and walked out in shame. There was a woman in front of me who took notice & quickly paid for the set aside items. Without a word, she ran out to him as he was on his way out in the parking lot. I watched as she handed him the bag. He took it, a little bewildered, and when he realized what she had done the look on his face was one of pure loving grattitude. I think he may have been amazed. She nodded politely and graciously and quickly ran off. She clearly did not know this man personally and she was seeking no retribution or thanks. In seeing this little interaction, my hope was restored that day, that we do NOT, in fact, live in a hateful hopeless world, but one where strangers actually CARE about others! I had tears in my eyes & a lump in my throat as I walked to my car. It made me think. What can I do to make this world a better, nicer, happier place?
God bless all who read this. I hope that more people will take time to post some uplifting and positive stories. Let's make a difference and cheer up this place. Let's be better. Lord knows we could...

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