Sunday, May 9, 2010

What no talk of Morgan Hill and what happen to it's students Cinco De Mayo? All American Rights matter to us!


An email I received today, I want to review it with you all.

Hey Larry,

Ran across this in class and want to forward it since it took place in Morgan Hill and maybe your kids went to school there. I found it interesting considering how passionate you are about kids and about your heritage. Clip is school kids sent home for wearing American flags on Cinco De Mayo.....take your clothes off or go home.

Not a fan of Bill though. End of email.

What this email is about is there were 5 kids who had an American Flag on there cloths. This happen on May 5th or Cinco De Mayo a celebration of the undermanned Mexican people standing up and defeating the French at the battle for Pueblo Mexico. Now is it just me or should all free nations take part in the celebration of liberty, regardless of origin? Now these students with what little facts I know were incorrectly and against the law told they had to change there close or go home by what I feel is the irresponsible act of an adult.

Wow were do we begin. Americans in school celebrating there heritage and other Americans told they could not at the same place and time, The stupidity that we are different just gets magnified every time one dumb act is allowed to represent the non issue as a whole. Are we really going to lay claim to days on a calendar and be told when and where we cannot celebrate our heritage. First off I think it was very cool that 5 kids decided as a group to do what ever they felt and I am here to fight for there right to do so with the same passion I fight Wall Street, Mortgage fraud and the illegal and unconstitutional use of the term Gang. So lets work of the K.I.S.S. principal for now ( keep it simple stupid). So next March 17th in Morgan Hill if I wear a flag instead of a shamrock will I be sent home from school and than who do we get mad at? This pretty much ends this non issue don’t you think?

An for those of you wondering how the public in general feels about Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day? There are two of the most abused days on the calendar year by marketing executives across the nation in regards to the sale and consumption of alcohol. Lets be honest here how many of you have not hoisted a green beer or a shot of tequila on either of these two days.

Best as I can tell American rights to freedom were violated and I just wish it at happen on Halloween instead.

Now Bill O’Reilly I am buying next March 17th look me up

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