Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Santa Barbara District Attorney Candidate Josh Lynn Just does not understand Accountability and never presents true Facts.

Now it has come to my Attention Josh Lynn needs to be very careful because a S.L.A.P.P. Action may be in his future. If he continues on his current and only path of consistently misrepresenting Data, first he should be fired but we should control what he is allowed to say. A strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) is a lawsuit that is intended to censor, intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition! Now I have already shown that the past data forwarded to the California Judicial Council in no way reflects the actual happenings in Santa Barbara. So in an updated Data report there were over 4000 felonies filed in Santa Barbara last year and get this we go from zero, zip, nada to over 1000 felonies reduced to misdemeanors. Now mind you that was a two year “Alleged” trend of no Felonies reduced as reported by our Santa Barbara District Attorneys office to the California Judicial Council. Now if you believe the steroid numbers Mr. Lynn is constantly throwing out in public. Of the 14,000 misdemeanor and felony charges in our county a total of 80 had some type of misused “Gang Enhancement” so what is that .0000001 and that is his main focus, cheap press. Do you know how to beat Josh Lynn in a election for our District Attorney? Let him speak in public and defeat himself.
"Lynn said the most significant issue facing the office was the budget, and indicated he believed upcoming budget news looked good, partly because he “dedicated a good portion of the last eight months of [his] life” to the budget. Lynn took a swipe at the board of supervisor’s majority — members of which are supporting Dudley — when they cut funding to the DA’s office during Stanley’s time at the helm “apparently because the DA wasn’t herself there” while giving funding to the Public Defender’s office, which traditionally dukes it out with the DA for funding."
Does Mr. Lynn really want to use the term Golden parachute that was allowed under his watch and cost his office money for Prosecutors?

"When the “golden parachute” retirement offers were made to senior deputies in my office, many long-time deputies retired and were not replaced. This caused the increase in caseloads and the inability to give serious cases the attention they must have to keep our quality of life here. My opponent simply says let’s give more cases to our deputies rather than ask for a restoration of safety resources; this is both dangerous and lacks leadership showing she is aware of her political debt. I will make certain our resources are restored and, as the only one running who understands our complicated budget process, I will do so right away. The future looks bright indeed through the hard work on the budget this year for next year’s cycle. I was a part of that team and I am proud to say we made great strides toward restoration and bettering public safety."
The next portion below is taken from a Board of Supervisors letter dated August @25th 2009

1,032,621.00 two year savings for the early out offered the District Attorneys office.

I am sorry was there ever really going to be a savings from the Golden Parachute retirement party Mr. Lynn gave?
As for the quote at the top of the page were Mr. Lynn pats himself on the back in regards to his participation with the District Attorneys budget please read the update just recently presented to our Board of Supervisors!

The department experienced eleven retirements including nine who were part of the retirement incentive program with an estimated cost of $1.1 million. Positions are being held vacant to absorb much of the cost of the retirement and the department is diligently controlling expenditures. While the department will absorb nearly half of the costs it is unable to cover the full cost of the retirements. As such, the department estimates using $509,000 from the salary and benefit designation.

Now lt us review the 2008/2009 discrepancies when I compared the Audit that the California State Controller was preseted VS. the budget viewed by the public.
The data below was taken from the Proposed Budget State Controllers Schedule 2009/2010 in regards to the Santa Barbara District Attorneys Office;

Salaries and Employee Benefits 16,010,356 16,935,214 16,932,807 15,911,327 15,911,327

Intrafund Expenditure Transfers (-) (255,666) (114,385) (255,666) (37,702) (37,702)

Total 021 Financing Uses 17,921,718 18,752,017 18,622,872 17,423,876 17,423,876


Department Summary

Salaries & Benefits Sub-Total 14,775,323 15,623,425 15,947,891 16,349,198

Operating Sub-Total 16,378,509 17,574,497 17,925,019 18,139,032

Less: Intra-County Revenues (940,838) (1,267,524) (1,272,818) (1,275,666)

Operating Total 15,437,671 16,306,973 16,652,201 16,863,366

Intrafund indifference of over 1.2 Million dollars to the minus. Now how does that happen and can a public department legally run in the red? Please remember the statements in regards to current budget deficits does not reflect the additional funds the county already supplied the pension fund.

Mr Lynn Joyce Dudley has tried her best to keep a professional look to your office please follow her lead. There are 131 total staff to your department Mr. Budget man and 121 are full time. In a time of financial crisis can we really afford anymore of your math?

"Dudley quickly took him to task, disagreeing about numbers Lynn presented to the crowd. Dudley claimed the budget was over by $800,000 (“could be $900,000,” she said)) and staffed with 121 people, while Lynn said there was no such deficit and mentioned a staffing level of 200. “It’s important for the DA and the administration to get their facts straight,” Dudley concluded. She also said Lynn has, in fact, very little to do with the budget, and his trying to take responsibility for it was “sad.”

Joyce Dudley I hope that the people see you for the find character and professionalism you display and elect you the next Santa Barbara District Attorney.

To a Better Tomorrow Today!


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