Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Locator of Foreclosure Property in your Area Provided by Google

Instant is a map of foreclosure Property on a real time basis...go to, put in you address or use any address for that matter. On the right side of the box that you type your address in after the search button is a more search options button. Click on that and it creates a new box back on the other side of the search button. It now says “all results” put your cursor on that box and it will give a drop down, click on "real estate", now a section on the left side of your screen opens that gives you options to see homes for rent, fore sale, and foreclosures! Unclick "for sale" click "foreclosure". Then zoom in an out and yes on the map...the seven major metro areas are pretty saturated, but when you see the map, if you're like me you will be surprised I helped you get in the Santa Barbara Real Estate Foreclosure Market. Truth be told it works in the area that you enter as an address. It works just as well in San Jose as it does in Santa Barbara. There are tons of listings for Piedmont road Dad.Who needs what our Santa Barbara Superior Court House hides from the public. Real Estate and Foreclosure fraud and abuse uncovered right here by me.

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