Monday, May 3, 2010

Unethical and Bias speech by Santa Barbara officals, "Gang" is not a race and like the debate in Arizona Law it is UnConstitutional

Dear Captive Audience;

I was so pleased to see the picture in the Santa Barbara news press on the front page and a sign showing P.A.D.R.E.S. being exposed. I had recently shared there press release on my blog and there concern for our local youth and there mistreatments. To Mr. Castaneda I enjoyed your well thought out and intelligent remarks attributed to you in the news press. I think it is very important to let others know there side of an issue may hold merit but in this case it was the lack of dignity to those targeted in an illegal attempt to create new law.

As always I work to show that we are all interconnected and our differences are not what is currently perceived. My subject matter covers all grounds because it is based on my being an American and will over flow to my proud heritage of Mexico. My posting defend the jobs of District Attorneys and Sheriff’s through my County Pension fund investigation with equal passion spent on Real Estate and Foreclosure Fraud. I feel we have a great window of opportunity here to take advantage of the current buzz and actual effort that all people are showing to Arizona and it's Governor, illegal act's against Americans and targeting of a two Country's is not acceptable( Americans & Mexican citizens). I recently sent out posting and remarked that I am offended in the present fashion our local city officials such as a District Attorney candidate Josh Lynn. Who is also a lawyer and should no matter than to illegally threaten a group he and others like him created to abuse "Gangs" or "Alleged Gang Members". I say this knowing that the real and lasting effect Mr. Lynn and law enforcement have is in there legal actions that result in binding convictions. By seeking public sympathy it makes me worry our current District Attorneys office lacks the inner confidence that they can get the job done in a legal fashion. Our local Police Chief and D.A.’s office seam to be constantly seeking the approval to break the law while they enforce the law. Which is a whole other issue accept to say; our Fore Fathers who created this great nation did so with one constant assumption. They created this Country so we could lead others by example. To never take our own personnel needs views or ideas above the office or position regardless of title. To serve is a pleasure and the responsibility that comes with serving our public is the only obligation those that hold must adhere to. It seams the only time there “Gang” data base fails them is when labeling another alleged criminal who happens to be some type of a Hispanic. It is an obvious attempt to inflame a racist atmosphere against a targeted audience our youth and is very easy to debunk. In one's actions especially before the public and by one who holds responsibility. The words they speak do not allow that person to target the subject of his comments with Disparaging remarks in an effort to incite an unwanted, unneeded an unhealthy prejudicial effort or that may incite unwanted action against up to and including violence. The results of Hendry’s beach come to mind although I would rather hold that on face value and until the actual facts are shared that alcohol was a greater factor in the sad, needless and gutless actions of one person and not a Race. A common practice would be the media blitz the word “Gang’s” get before a trial in order to sway public opinion.

((My Attempt and legal use of the Constitution to describe free speech.)
I have often spoken about how my oldest son proudly serves his Country in the United States Navy and in doing so defends the rights of others to practice free speech. This speech which may even be against me or my beliefs is protected. No Matter how I feel about those comments made by others, I agree the law stands and allows for there free thought an speech. Than I realized something about free speech and our Constitution. Our Constitution has a limit and sees a remark regardless of how cowardly applied is to be considered outside the law if any of the communication is used to disparage a person or a group on the basis of some characteristic such as any organization, association for example a group of 3 or more persons, whether formal or informal, which (1) has continuity of purpose. Such as to feel a good about ones self since others in the community have singled you out for unwarranted illegal negative and unwelcomed attention which usually leads to some type of Civil Rights abuse. If said Group (Alleged Gangs) or persons Seek a group Identity, that is allowed by our Constitution. How ever what is current policy and is based on an UnConstitutional Penal Code Law in California Is to allow certain society challenged youth to be defined or labeled by allegation or speculation regardless of fact and is simply used as an instrument to allow the continued pattern of civil rights violations while failing to recognize the Constitution of these United States and label them in one of several ways. In Law a speech, gesture or conduct, writing or display is illegal, immoral and known to be forbidden. Furthermore it is Unconstitutional if it has the intent hidden or not to incite violence or create prejudicial action against the subject of the illegal comment. Which are exactly what a majority of our current city leaders are displayed. If any of the previous acts can also be considered disparaging or intended to intimidate against any Group, race or gender it is not allowed to be practiced by anyone against our Citizens of this great land. We must continually express that the current an obvious attempt by our local city officials and especially the Santa Barbara District Attorney must obey all laws if the wish to uphold the prestige that has been lacking from there office for quite some time.

So do you all understand my point? How can we allow the current practice by law enforcement to abuse our American youth by profiling or labeling by race , “Gang Member”. By allowing our American youth to be stopped, questioned, and detained without cause you have already condoned the actions of the Arizona Governor.

Having said that I would proudly serve this community on a jury panel and sentence any defendant of a crime that has come before me based only on the law with no regard to my personal feelings. My most recent post exposed a community wide effort by just about every Government agency to commit fraud in what appears to be an effort to create importance for there department. In one case the very Report “ALLEGEDLY “designed to bring us all up to speed on our “ALLEGED GANG ISSUES” by a specific task force altered there numbers to create an inaccurate and false view to those that it is intended for. What makes this a crime is that for many this will create not only a false perception but results in there further actions of creating policy that our youth are forced to endure. Yet my greater fear is that these very same public offices and there personnel are than allowed in a court room to represent the facts in order to obtain a conviction, now who is kidding who. The reality is before we can hold criminals accountable we have to hold the entire system.

I dedicate this thought that I share to my sons Manuel and Vincent. Vincent enjoy your birthday 23 where have the years gone?

Love Always your proud Father

G-Gang and Gang Injunction Publication


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I must say I do not enjoy the many negative or the attempt at hateful comments I have read past or present on the Santa Barbara Rants & Raves (Craigslist). If I truly felt ones value or contribution to our society was defined by the limited views of others I might have already given up hope that I can all help create a positive change. All you are proving with your immature comments on my blog is that I have presented a well thought out position in which I share a view of the subject matter that differs from yours. All your mindless comments show is your insecurity that the childish attempts to bate me into unproductive insults appears to have failed. Furthermore I would prefer we keep things on a more productive level than you are used to. For some odd reason based on your lack of producing or any real attempt at resolving what bothers you one might even think that you hold a local government position of employment.