Saturday, May 8, 2010

To Gas Light some one

Do you remember the movie Gas Light, look below.
The film was advertised as "the strange story of an international criminal's love for a great beauty," and "the strange drama of a captive sweetheart." The film's plot, faithfully adapted by its screenwriters, was about a diabolical, Victorian criminal husband (Charles Boyer playing against type) who systematically and methodically attempts to torment, menace, and drive his bedeviled, fragile wife (Ingrid Bergman) mad. Its title was derived from the frequent dimming and flickering of the gaslights. The phrase "to gaslight" someone (to deliberately drive someone insane by psychologically manipulating their environment and tricking someone into believing that they are insane), was derived from the film.

There are many ways to abuse a person, like when you drug them beat them and than take them by ambulance to a hospital.When they are returned to the care facility everyone acts as if it never happen, until you find you were billed 8000.00 We are only on the tip of iceberg and games played in this county.