Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Governor Arnold Swartzenager RE; California Education and the State Lottery

RE; Education and the State Lottery

Dear Governor Swartzenager of California;

It has become apparent that our California Government has failed in there contract with its citizens in dealing with the funding of our children’s education. The tax payers of California and our past Government representatives came upon and structured a California lottery to benefit the education of our children while providing a lottery to participate in. The deal was voted on and the contract was made. The funds created by our new lottery were to be used as additional funding and never instead of or replacing the responsibilities of our Government for the schools of California. In your current and past budgets you and others before have reduced the funding to our schools and thus have broken the law we had created. You see I feel since you have broken the contract we have created by the vote of the people you have thus abandoned your right to receive any Lottery proceeds. Was the creation of the California Lottery not a contract between government and its citizens? Did we not draft terms in which to hold the contract valid? I feel there is no disputing these facts and that the California Government must now return all funds we provided with interest back to the Lottery Pool. From there the lottery must refigure all jack pot winnings and disperse funds accordingly.

Or the Government can balance past deficits and currently fund the schools and bring our contract valid. As for moving forward maybe we need a new contract and change the requirements of all involved.

As always I wish to Thank You in advance for the attention you will give my concerns.


The Tax Payers of California

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