Friday, May 14, 2010

What is your Greatest day being an American? Mine was the day I saw the NYFD after 9/11

What is the greatest feeling of pride you have ever felt about being an American? All across America people are voicing their views about what is supposedly wrong with this great nation of ours.  As for me my greatest sense of American pride came back in November of 2001. I was in Clovis California enjoying their night life. Just thinking about this brings a lump to my throat and tears my eyes. While deciding where to have a beer I heard a loud commotion coming from this one particular establishment. From outside and down the block you could feel this incredible energy coming from the inside, so that’s where I went.

Once inside I was still wondering what all the noise was about. Just cheer after cheer but I still could not make out what they were saying. As I moved forward through the crowd the room opened up and I finally saw what was causing all the excitement. First I saw the back of one of their shirts then the front of another one's jacket, Than I saw the same logo on a hat and the room had about 20 people wearing them like patches of honor as I like to say. 

The logo was F.D.N.Y. and it was being worn by the 20 or so New York Fire Fighters from 9/11. On this particular night in Clovis California in this Establishment was some of America’s greatest Hero’s ever. The place was filled with so much pride, love and admiration for these incredibly brave persons I can barely describe it. Every time I attempted to say thank you tears would form in my eyes before I could even get the words out. To instantly fall in love with a group of people was such an awesome feeling and I know the whole place felt the same as me.

It was one of those rare occasions were someone else's good time was the priority of the whole establishment. I was so proud of those brave American firefighters and all of us there were letting them know we loved them. Now people say I am odd to share a story like that but I say no. We need the energy I felt in that room that night today more than ever.


Larry ” Magic” Mendoza

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