Thursday, May 6, 2010

At Risk Youth term used by D.A. Candidates, change can come from our concerns! More Pension Fund News

Why just this past Monday in the Santa Barbara news press a proper and legal term was used to describe a portion of crime or concern our city has. In regards to subject of our local “AT RISK YOUTH’ the candidates running for District Attorney have finally shown that there needs to be a more productive attempt in this area. Now by using that term no harm was done to law enforcement in any way shape or form. It did not prevent a juvenile who commits a crime from being arrested, it did not prevent charges from being filed by our D.A. and it will not prevent another legal conviction from being handed down as it should be. It did leave with me based on the term that all hope is not lost in those it attempts to describe. It leaves me with the thought the subject matter “AT RISK YOUTH” is still open to new or improved ways of how we deal with that area of concern.

You might not beware of this but I agree with both district attorney candidates Mrs. Dudley and Mr. Lynn that our cost to the county in regards to youth must be improved.While reviewing past county budgets I was shocked to find that if there numbers are to be believed we spend 10 million dollars in a staff of approximately 100 just to house 155 youth (avg daily) between juvenile halls north an south and Los Prietos boys camp on a daily average. Now that is the single most costly expense I have found. I wonder what the staff to inmate ratio is at our county jail? I have more to share in regards to budgets past and present but I choose to move on for now.

I would like to present to all Current County Pension fund members, Board of Supervisors and Retirement board. You have either abused or allowed to be abused the funds of the Pension Plan and that upsets me as a California, and County tax payer. I make this offer to you here today. Clean up your mess and bring the fund solvent. You have a benefit far better than any of the 400,000 residents of this county and we provide that to you. Why must we on top of all our current economic issues both personnel and with our government now give your pension fund attention. I am not done yet, to those of you that have stole from the 400,000 of us you must now include me in the profiting of the pension fund. I now require a return on my kindness by requiring that the fund not only perform as designed but to do so with greater efficiency and at a reduced cost to the County of 400,000. I feel this is a generous offer considering the alternatives like letting PERS take over. Will you allow them to cheat you out of benefits? Please take me serious and ask yourself this. Why must we keep the plan in it’s current form at all? Other less appealing options are available. In the area of accounting and the fund do any of you know what the term ‘NETTING “ refers to? Look it up before my next posting and I will share some examples of it from the County Treasurer short term asset pool reports. Now I have still another question. Can we not implement new cost savings as we improve on past accountability’s at the same time.? Is it fair a Superior Court Judge receive a full salary via a pension and than comes back as a retiree and fill a need(the courts create) at full salary. Yes 2 salaries for one position and at a higher cost than filling in the position with a new Judge. My simple alteration to the current going on’s in our local courts is this.: freeze or suspend pension payments while the retired employee is back on the books. Offer some type of accelerator to add to his pension seems fair. Or simply add a cash conversion from the benefit side that can be applied to an increase in salary. Now a current County benefit member was expressing his concern over how our Judges abuse this pension. Again Morals, and Integrity and some form of Responsibility should be demonstrated by our Judges and local leaders and demanded by us.

I must say I do not enjoy the many negative or the attempt at hateful comments I have read past or present on the Santa Barbara Rants & Raves (Craigslist). If I truly felt ones value or contribution to our society was defined by the limited views of others I might have already given up hope that I can help create a positive change. All you are proving with your immature comments on my blog is that I have presented a well thought out position in which I share a view of the subject matter that differs from yours. All your mindless comments show is your insecurity that the childish attempts to bate me into unproductive insults appears to have failed. Furthermore I would prefer we keep things on a more productive level than you are used to. For some odd reason based on your lack of producing or any real attempt at resolving what bothers you one might even think that you hold a local government position of employment.

I have so many more thoughts or views that I feel are possible solutions to current and repeated abuse’s by individuals and Government. I feel a need to share my different views because like most abuse’s the cost squarely fall on us the American Public.

Here is a quick example of what I mean.

May 6, 2010

RE; Education and the State Lottery

Dear Governor of California;

It has become apparent that our California Government has failed in there contract with its citizens in dealing with the funding of our children’s education. The tax payers of California and our past Government representatives came upon and structured a California lottery to benefit the education of our children while providing a lottery to participate in. The deal was voted on and the contract was made. The funds created by our new lottery were to be used as additional funding and never instead of or replacing the responsibilities of our Government for the schools of California. In your current and past budgets you and others before have reduced the funding to our schools and thus have broken the law we had created. You see I feel since you have broken the contract we have created by the vote of the people you have thus abandoned your right to receive any Lottery proceeds. Was the creation of the California Lottery not a contract between government and its citizens? Did we not draft terms in which to hold the contract valid? I feel there is no disputing these facts and that the California Government must now return all funds we provided with interest back to the Lottery Pool. From there the lottery must refigure all jack pot winnings and disperse funds accordingly.

Or the Government can balance past deficits and currently fund the schools and bring our contract valid. As for moving forward maybe we need a new contract and change the requirements of all involved.

As always I wish to Thank You in advance for the attention you will give my concerns.


The Tax Payers of California.

Now as a partner with you in an investment with funding requirements could either of us reduce or change the terms with out one of us putting the other in court?

There are plenty of views that may create a better America all we have to do is inspire each other !

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