Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another example with the Santa Barbara Media and there lack of integrity while helping malicious prosecution tactics to be used in our Justice system.

Because the name Rubin Mize appears there seems to be a lack of responsibility in correctly reporting any portion of the case to the public. Please remember there are two separate defendants being accused in this trial. I would hope the public would at the very least ask for the journalist assigned keep his story factual. Please email Mr. Pacheco and ask that he correct his mistake as described below. I will let Mr. Pacheco's correction inform you as to what the charges should read. Mr. Pacheco may want to include one of the defendants G.P.A.'s in college and what his  major is!

Larry Mendoza

November 10, 2010 11:18:32 AM PST
Subject: Trial begins in 2007 gang stabbing death

Dear Mr. Pacheco,
The title of the article you wrote in today's New Press is misleading and incorrect. This is exactly why a reader can never rely on the truth of an article when published by the Santa Barbara News Press. 
Please read the first sentence you wrote in your article and explain how that equals "stabbing death" as stated in the title?

Larry " Magic " Mendoza

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