Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our California Attorney General and the Santa Barbara District Attorney seemed confused. Why was the public misled in the Peter Jeschke Sex Offender conviction. Why did the charges and terms protect him from having to being prosecuted as others which would include public disclosure on the Megan's Law web site?

It seems my questioning the Peter Jeschke conviction and its terms has struck a nerve with Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley. I received this email below from the California Attorney Generals office at the request of our District Attorney but my question is why? Was I not clear that I am not questioning the law but rather the treatment and terms of Peter Jeschke's conviction and what the public was lead to believe? Do you want to know why I choose to look for Mr. Jeschke on Megan's Law web site in the first place? A law enforcement officer gave me the tip that things were not as one might think with Peter Jeschkes conviction and terms. It seems that local law enforcement is tired of not only the treatment I have received but the extremely bias reporting and treatment that many others receive. I am being told to keep up the good work and there will be more tips forth coming. They also hope that people start treating me within the limits of the law in everything from my Divorce to a beating I was forced to endure. You see after I posted the Jeschke concerns on Saturday a phony 911 was called in and was to have originated from my place of employment. When the Sheriff arrived I handed him the phone and asked that he hit redial and that took care of the none 911 call. You see the call was to have been dialed from our business fax machine that was locked up in the back office with my boss out of town. Than after that had happen is when the  other two Sheriff Deputy's came in to check on me and shake hands, pretty cool huh. Here is the contents of the email I received.  

"The Santa Barbara District Attorney, Joyce Dudley, has asked me to respond to your question about why some offenders are not posted on the public Megan's Law web site in California.  The answer is that the Legislature determined which offenders would be posted online, based on the offense they committed.  Offenders listed in Penal Code section 290.46 are posted on the web site; those not listed are not.  If this is something you feel should be changed, you should contact your legislative representative in the Legislature, because it would require a change to that statute.
Janet Neeley
Deputy Attorney General"

Well I am unable to work for the next 3 weeks, my health has been kicking my butt lately. However when I feel up to it I will be down at the Court House pulling Mr. Jeschke's file among others. I will draft my "Official " response tomorrow to the Attorney Generals office and Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley. Is it just me or do others feel that the conviction involving Mr. Jeschke was misleading based on the new developments I have been exposing here this past weekend?

Best Regards

Larry "Magic" Mendoza

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