Thursday, November 25, 2010

Property Tax history and billing for 1430 S. E. Street Santa Maria 93454. Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado declares this property on his Form 700

Is there corruption from our Santa Barbara County Assessor and Tax Collectors office?

Somebody should ask our Lt. Governor Able Maldonado to pay his fair share of taxes. Some one should check with the Santa Barbara County Tax Assessor and ask him why Parcel numbers do not match address's? I hope that Lt Governor Able Maldonado's property Taxes are brought current! This property shows a net assessed value of over 10,000,000 dollars and has not been billed for property taxes since 12/06
Property Information Parcel Number: 117-820-040 Address: 1430 S E ST SANTA MARIA, CA 93454 Transfer Date: 09/30/2005 TRA: 003048 Document #: Transfer Tax Amount: $2,200.00
Property Characteristics Use Description: Packing Plants Jurisdiction: City of Santa Maria Acreage: 12.24
2010 Assessed Values Land & Mineral Rights: $2,284,232 Improvements: $7,982,703 Personal Property: $606,320 Home Owner Exemption: ( $0) Other Exemption: ( $0) Net Assessed Value: $10,873,255

Santa Barbara County Property Tax System
Bernice James, Treasurer-Tax Collector
Santa Barbara (805)568-2920 | Santa Maria (805)346-8330

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Property Number Property Type Supplemental Estimator Current Property Address Property Notes Total Due
117-820-34 Secured Run 1430 S E ST SANTA MARIA CA 93454 None $0.00
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Installment Number Year Bill Type Install Property Address Delinquent Paid Due
117-820-34-00-9-1 2006 Secured
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1430 S E ST SANTA MARIA CA 93454 12/10/2006 $10,106.17
11/06/2006 $0.00 Paid
117-820-34-00-9-2 2006 Secured
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1430 S E ST SANTA MARIA CA 93454 04/10/2007 $10,106.17
04/02/2007 $0.00 Paid

Santa Barbara County Treasurer-Tax Collector Public Administrator Public Guardian


Anonymous said...

Well after looking into this it looks like he only briefly owned this property for a short amount of time and it is now currently owned by Driscoll. Sorry to be bearer of bad news

Magic said...

Some one might want to tell Mr. Maldonado to take it off his Form 700. It is not bad news for me.Please paste or post the source of your claims so we may all verify them!