Friday, November 12, 2010

Was there corruption and voter fraud tied into Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisor Doreen Farr's 2008 election victory? After reviewing the Voter totals I think Steve Pappas may have been correct to challenge the election! An now Congressional candidate Tom Watson has 2010 Voter Fraud concerns!

Pappas Shut Down by Judge

Farr Keeps Her Supervisor Seat

Monday, March 16, 2009
"Santa Barbara County 3rd District Supervisor Doreen Farr no longer has to worry about holding onto her title.
Farr prevailed in a contest of her November 4 election by challenger Steve Pappas in court Monday. The election contest was filed more than two months ago, with Pappas’s team alleging widespread fraud during the voter registration process and a failure by the County Registrar’s office to find many errors in 18 precincts that include voters in Isla Vista and UCSB."

Pappas the Persistent

Brings Election Dispute to Appeals Court

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
"Nearly two years after 3rd District Supervisor Doreen Farr claimed victory in the 2008 election by 806 votes out of 35,524 total, and nearly 18 months after a Santa Barbara Superior Court judge struck down her opponent Steve Pappas’s claim that widespread voter registration fraud and errors by the county elections office contributed to that victory, a Court of Appeals will decide once and for all whether Farr lawfully holds her position on the County Board of Supervisors."
What if Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisor candidate Steve Pappas was correct in his claim of wide spread voter fraud? I have had many serious concerns of Corruption by our elected officials these past few years here in Santa Barbara. An recently I have been trying to understand the Santa Barbara Superior Court Bench and the lack of transparency in regards to voter history. However today I bring a much easier example of corruption and all it will take me is just a couple of minutes to make my point. I will start with a real simple math equation for this posting. I have a whole number of 176,526 and I want to break this down into 55% and 45% or 97,089 an 79,346. That's it, that is my whole presentation.
You see what I have been reviewing is the 2008 November election results and I came across some disturbing math. Our Santa Barbara County certified election results show a total of 176,526 voters for the 2008 election. An repeatedly our county officials made it clear that 55% of that vote for 2008 came from mail in ballots. Now please take a moment and review there certified results report an remember that VMB stands for vote by mail.
Santa Barbara County 
Presidential General Election 
November 4, 2008 
Certified Results
12/02/08 13:22:41
Registered Voters 204440 - Cards Cast 176562.... 86.36%
Number. Report Precinct 318 - Number. Reporting 318 100.00%
Total votes cast for PRESIDENT/VICE PRESIDENT 2008 in Santa Barbara County
Polling ......... VBM........Total .......Number of Precincts.... Precincts Reporting 100%

84079............ 91328..... 175407 .................318 .................................318
So here is the point I am trying to make. If the 45% or 79,346 of total votes for the 2008 election  represents the maximum persons who could vote using a polling place in Santa Barbara County. So than how do we have a vote count of 84,079 in the example above that is credited to polling, mathematically it is not possible? There is all the proof I feel Mr. Pappas or his legal team should need to challenge the corruption and voter fraud from the 11 2008 election.

Certification of Santa Barbara County 2009 Election Results
Top 15 stories of 2008
7. ELECTION: While the nation’s attention focused on a high-profile presidential race that ended in the election of the United States’ first black president, a record turnout and several close races kept local elections officials working well into November.
Residents throughout the County of Santa Barbara voted in droves, lofting turnout figures to 86.3 percent. Nearly 55 percent of the 176,562 votes were cast by mail.
60 ballot instructions MAIL June 8 2010 (2)

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