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From Superior Court Judge Colleen Sterne to 2010 Voter Fraud to our Lottery!

Can your Idea change the world? I have a question at the bottom of this posting regarding the lottery, make sure and review it please!


Superior Court judge history? (Santa Barbara)
Date: 2010-11-12, 7:37PM PST
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 Sunday November 14th 2010

  As it turns out I was not notified this time when the above posting was again removed from the Internet., an once again one has to naturally ask why? No you do not need be surprised but the question does keep raising to the top of my thought process. what are they afraid of when I post my research and concerns about our Judges in Superior Court? I went to the Bank yesterday to turn in 79,000 dollars and in return the bank gave me a cashiers check for 85,000. Now we all know that would would never happen unless of course we are counting actual Santa Barbara county voters who when to the polls in 2008, you get my point Voter Fraud! Are you all really surprised at all the subjects I review and question corruption and if you are I have to ask; HOW STUCK IN STUPID ARE WE? I am sorry if I offend some or all of you but please do not insult my minimal intelligence and say you are still surprised by my continued exploration into corruption and my findings. Now before I posted the Voter fraud concerns I  did speak with a former Santa Barbara Government  candidate, an also with a  lawyer involved with the Pappas's voter fraud lawsuit. Now the local candidate did give me an example to consider before I published my postings and to be honest he had me second guessing my findings. So I went through another two years of election results, an verified the math. An after all the research and verifying the numbers it still came out that there could only be one conclusion, VOTER FRAUD DID EXIST FOR THE 2008 ELECTION! You see I have grave concerns into our County officials and them even reporting that 55% of the total vote cast that night would be in the form of mail in ballots. Now as most of us who view election results on T.V. can attest to the media will issue a the percentage of votes counted and the percentages each issue or candidate have at any given time as election day unfolds. Than how could Santa Barbara County officials have already know in advance that 55% of the vote would come in the form of mail in ballots and this is very important that you understand.

  Now as for my concerns about Superior Court Judge Colleen Strene and the length of time she may have here seat on the bench with out re election is until 2012 at which point she must be on the June Ballot. This is not new information for me but I was holding back and waiting for some type if challenge to appear. I have read false quotes by her where she claims she had a six year term but that is incorrect on her part. The factors involved in deciding a appointees actual service on the bench are several. Since the death of Judge McLafferty no candidate had submitted nominating papers prior to her being an appointee than she is eligible until 2012 but that is not the problem. Had someone actually already filed nominating papers her term than would have ended 01/01/11 as I had shared before.You see the main concern I have with her hasty appointment is why was the democratic process taken out of our hands in Santa Barbara. Our elected officials have no regard for the wishes of the voting public in our County. Why was Judge McLaffertyy's Superior Court position filled when in that up coming June Primary we the voters of this county could have decided for ourselves his replacement and had them on the bench January 1 2011? Judge Mclafferty was up for reelection but because of his passing the seat would have been an open election, one that might have put Santa Barbara attorney Steve Andrade on the June ballot. An quite possibly against than commissioner Colleen Strene since she had run before and actually challenged Judge Brian Hill for his seat. You she the placing if Colleen Sterne on our superior Court Bench with out voter consent is no different than allowing Josh Lynn to be named acting Santa Barbara County District attorney by his boss with out voter consent. It is a form of cheating the public out of our right to decide in an un bias fashion who we are to vote for. I think that is the point that I have failed to make clearly until now.

So if Voter Fraud and behind the door dealings on our Superior Court bench have clouded our democratic process why all the crosses at Arlington West?
Created every Sunday on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, Arlington West is an immense temporary cemetery of more than 2,000 wooden crosses each with a name of an American soldier who has died in the Iraq War. (Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Virginia, is a burial ground for soldiers killed in active duty). It takes two dozen volunteers about 3 hours to erect this temporary display on the beach.
 Why does my son or yours serve our military. To protect the freedoms of the corrupt politicians who have no regard for the law, I think not! Our local elected officials have shown not only you and I that they have no Honor or sense of Duty, but the have shown the same low regard for our law Enforcement and there family's as well . 

I will continue to work on voter fraud and in my brief research into the 2010 elections. An I feel I will be able to at the very least raise some very serious concerns that show voter fraud has continued again in our recent 2010 elections.


As far as the California State lottery goes why is it possible to pay the winners twice weekly but not give the public a dollar amount as to how much our public schools will receive based on the same drawing? An for that matter how about a running total week to week through out the whole year? They can break down the jackpots in the mega regardless of multiple states that participate? I was just wondering.

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