Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Corruption in our Santa Barbara Superior Courts must be stopped.

      All I am asking is that our Santa Barbara Superior Court bench prove they have the legal right to there current bench position. This course of action is very similar to having our President prove he could run for his office and asking for a birth certificate, no different. The lack of transparency and accountability is far to great in our government today. Yet we the public are held to standards the All Mighty himself would have trouble passing. Please be honest with me and yourself, were you not disturbed that two current sitting Superior Court Judges  Clifford Anderson and James Brown cannot be found on any election records from 1998 to the present?  
  Now I did wait until the the election was over to send out my concerns on the lack of transparency in our seated Superior Court Judges. You too must remember I have some law enforcement friends that kind of guide me to what is important in regards to my posting. Any how does anyone one want to call the Judicial council and see what should show up in regards to certified election results for Superior court Judges. Friday I will go to the court house and seek out whom ever is responsible for the nomination papers and see what I can uncover. Within 5 minutes of my posting about the history of our Judges, it was flagged and removed from the Santa Barbara craigslist. If nothing is wrong why would someone have the need to remove that posting? People this news is no secret an that is why we live in this cesspool called Santa Barbara Justice. Have we heard from the corner in regards to the death of Mr. Dety in our county mental health hospital? Has our city council produced there investigation on Cam Sanchez that was ordered almost 2 years ago?.

  Now this is how petty our superior courts have become. During my divorce there were several income issues never dealt with, I did not see pay stubs, her tax returns and no disso masters were completed by either of us for spousal support. For 13 months I kept beating my head against the wall to get the financial s in order and my reward was sitting in jail for almost 3 months with no charges, pretty scary stuff. So Julie and I appear before Judge McLafferty and have a settlement conference in the room behind his bench. Julie, her attorney, a mediator and myself. There was not much I could do but take my beating and try not to get sent back to jail for nothing so I just sign what ever is there. Than we all walk out take a seat before the Judge and he starts talking, Now try and understand my frustration here. With out Judge McLafferty talking to anyone who had just come out of that room he opens up the proceedings by stating we have both had just agreed to wave spousal support, that had never been agreed upon . The only problem is not a word was spoken in the room behind his bench or any time the previous 13 months about spousal support. You feel like your almost crazy but yet the same time you know everything was orchestrated in advance and you are helpless to defend yourself against them and the corruption.

So what is a person to do, I chose to stand and fight! That is how petty our Courts and there  Judicial officers have become.

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