Thursday, November 11, 2010

To my son Manuel Mendoza and all our service men, Happy Veterans Day to our Nations real hero's.

   To My son who Proudly serves in the United States Navy. You honor your family and I with your service. In our family and friends there is a long line of men who have proudly served in our Country's Military. From your great grandfather Manuel Zuniga and his brothers uncle Chico and Joe than we can add his brother in Law Max and Frank Rojas. Please let us not forget Bob Burton,  Bernie Garcia, Tim Lopez, Rick Lopez, Albert Garcia, Davy Sullivan, Joe Aldana ,Matt Sanchez, tio Beeb and tio Betha Hererra and of course  there father Mr. S. Herrera. What about tio Ken Connolly  an Tio Rich and all of Bernie's friends at the Santa Barbara Veterans building. A second Thank You as the Marine Corps birthday passed yesterday. I can remember all the BBQ's at the park next to the Westside Boys club with these guys in celebration of the there service. I have left off so many names I am sorry but I just wanted to let my friends know some may be gone but they will never be forgotten!
Larry Mendoza

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